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    'Our Bev' returns to the Royal Court for a Christmas Cracker of a show!

    Following an incredible, critically acclaimed show at Liverpool’s Royal Court earlier this year, Catherine Rice returns for four nights in Our Bev’s Christmas Cracker.


    Directed by Stephen Fletcher, he explains how the character of ‘Our Bev’ was first introduced:


    “I’ve worked with Catherine Rice before. She’s an incredible actress and a great stand-up comic and we’d always wanted to work on a project together. I was working for a hotel company in town who needed a night of entertainment, so I used that opportunity to create this character - Our Bev”.


    Following acclaim for the show and short film, Stephen and Catherine brought ‘Our Bev’ to the Royal Court in April of this year:


    “We knew that there was more to be had from the character, so we performed a one night show in April at the basement in the Royal Court. The response was great. They could actually hear the audience laughing from upstairs!”.


    Returning to the Royal Court this December in Our Bev’s Christmas Cracker, the story sees Bev awaiting a career changing phone call from her London agent. Waiting for the call, she tells the audience tales from her search for stardom, including meetings with a famous director, stories from her time at holiday camps and more:


    “I was in the last one, but I’m not in this one. It’s a one-woman show where Cath plays lots of different characters, telling the story about this woman, our Bev, who is trying to make it in the business. She’s trying to juggle her love life, family life, social life and fame and its set in a social club one Christmas Eve. We’ve made it more festive this time”.


    Mixing story, comedy and song, the script is partly based on Cath’s own experiences in the industry. 


    “We spent a lot of time developing the show. There’s autobiographical elements from Cath’s life and it was all written and directed in my living room”.


    This is only the beginning of the story though and we cannot wait to see more of ‘Our Bev’ in the future:


    “It’s great this show and it’s for everyone. We’re very proud of it. Hopefully this is the start of something bigger - almost like a Mrs Browns Boys type thing where Bev is the beginning and through line of this story”.


    Our Bev’s Christmas Cracker is at the Royal Court Theatre Liverpool from Wednesday 19th - Saturday 22nd December 2018.


    Recommended age 16+



    By Sarah O' Hara



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