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    'No such thing as Gravity': Exploring science through art at FACT

    Nick Laessing Water Gas Car


    All photographs used with permission by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology).


    FACT (The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) are renowned for their explorations of science and art. Their latest presentation, No such thing as Gravity, explores life, our consciousness and future technologies in a range of dynamic and fascinating exhibitions.


    Spread across two galleries, the exhibitions feature a range of thought-provoking experiments. Laessing’s Water Gas Car in Gallery One features footage of Nick’s investigations into the laws of physics, while the actual car sits in the centre of the room and is fascinating to see. Exploring the possibilities of a car fuelled only by water, this exhibition raises interesting points about the future of energy and how we can incorporate new energy forms into future technology.


    Walking around the gallery, the vast open spaces draw your attention immediately towards the variety of exhibitions that fill the spaces in between. It’s incredible to see so many explorations of science and art in one space, displaying the array of innovation and thought inherent within the work. The quiet atmosphere enables you to reflect on what you see; the footage on the screens drawing you into amazing worlds of exploration.


    Sarah Sparkes' GHost Tunnel


    Moving into Gallery Two, Helen Pynor’s The End is a Distant Memory explores microbiology and cells, in relation to experiences of life and death. Outside Gallery Two on the first floor of FACT, Gina Czarnecki’s MyPod continues to explore life and death through the use of photographs, memories and personal messages. This is an exploration that continues to Sarah Sparkes’ GHost Formula, which ties in Liverpool ghost stories and an interactive instillation, which investigates the nature of ghosts.



    The array of exhibitions signifies the ever growing and continually fascinating work being explored by artists across the world. FACT is a centre of innovation and No such thing as Gravity is one of the most innovative series of exhibitions yet.


    No such thing as Gravity is at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) on Wood Street, Liverpool until Sunday 5th February 2017.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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