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      Zoe Lyons

      Zoe Lyons

      Zoe Lyons is one funny lady. Since appearing on the British comedy scene about 10 years ago she has gone from strength to strength, winning awards, playing festivals and be heard regularly on radio and seen on shows such as Mock The Week. We chat to Zoe ahead of her latest UK tour.

      Tell us about the Pop Up Comic tour...

      There is no real theme to this tour show as such, it really is a stand up show. I do talk about a few odd places I have "popped up" in the last few months including a few ill advised television appearances and finding my photograph was being used as an advert on a dating website. I had never thought of myself as "Date Bait" before.

      You have promised the silly, the satirical and the physical. Do you enjoy dabbling in slapstick?

      Oh I love a bit of slapstick. Think it stems from when I was a kid and I used to watch the Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers. There was always an element of clowning that he brought to the part. I don't care if it is considered low brow to like slapstick, I will laugh at inspector Clouseau clips on YouTube till the day I die.

      You’re known for highlighting particular urgent issues as dog prams and and blankets with sleeves. Where does inspiration come from?

      Yeap, I cover the really heavy life changing topics. I am the brave comedian tackling the problems of modern society. I mean, if I don't talk about the dangers of motion sensitive air fresheners who the hell will?

      Legend has it you started doing comedy after doing a five minute stint and getting hooked. What was your life before comedy?

      Well, I was working as a chimney sweep so the hours were long, dark and humourless.

      Zoe Lyons

      What is the most important thing you’ve learned about being a comedian now that you’re a veteran?

      I've learnt that you are always learning and growing, you never "crack" it, which is both exciting and depressing at the same time. You do pick up some rather random knowledge being a comedian. For example I know now that if you live in the South and you are performing in Nottingham and you are best to take the M40 and cut across country on the A43. If I have two red bulls and a Ginsters pasty at 2.00am the indigestion is enough to kill a horse. Never agree to perform at someone's wedding, you can really spoil a lot of people's "special" day. If, when you arrive at a gig in a dodgy pub in the middle of nowhere and the landlord tells you not to mention the recent murders, chances are the gig is going to be a tough one.

      Have you had to deal with many hecklers? Do you have any pre prepared put-downs for them?

      I have had to deal with surprisingly few. I have had " get your tits out" shouted at me a couple of times which I always find bemusing because I will be the first to admit my boobs aren't that special! I don't tend to have stock put downs for hecklers, usually they are so drunk they make such an arse of themselves and they effectively put themselves down.

      You ran into some controversy, albeit very retrospectively, with your Amy Winehouse joke. Is there any particular no-go topic for you?

      I don't set out looking for controversy but it just never fails to amaze me how some people seem to delight in being offended. I don't think any topic, in the right comedic hands, should be out of bounds.

      You’ve done loads of TV, if the offer came up would you like to do your own show? What would it be like if you had free rein?

      I would like to do some off the wall "Arts" show visiting the weird and wonderful makers of unusual things. If that sounds a bit pretentious we could mix it up a bit. I was watching some really old clips from the Tommy Cooper show from the late 70's not so long ago. It was brilliant because half way through the show for no real reason a dance troop would appear in loads of Lycra and just prance about for a bit. Whatever show I had, I would want a dance troop!

      Who’s the funniest person in Britain right now?

      Chris Huhne.

      Zoe will play the Floral Pavillion Theatre in New Brighton on Feb 23, 2013,