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    You shall go to the ball: The Scouse Cinderella at Royal Court Liverpool

    The Royal Court’s Christmas show returns this year with a twist on a classic. We talk to Stephen Fletcher about family reunions, eighties parodies and the Scouse Cinderella


    Following the success of Scouse Nativity, one of the Royal Court’s best selling shows in its recent history, the cast and crew have gone above and beyond for the Scouse Cinderella:


    “We’ve used the success of Scouse Nativity as a level to build on throughout the writing process. We’ve set the bar high and moved the script along to make it the best that we can be. If you’ve seen Scouse Nativity and you’re coming along to this one, I hope you enjoy it just as much”.


    In keeping with the Royal Court style, Stephen adds that the story tells the classic Cinderella fairytale - but not quite in the way you’ve heard it before!


    “We’ve stayed as close to the story as we can, but obviously with as many twists and turns as we can give - Royal Court style! Great live music, lots of local gags and a few little nods to previous shows”.



    Stephen lets me in on a few of the things we can expect from this year’s festive frolics, including eighties parodies from classic music videos and familiar faces from previous shows, including Stephen’s brother Michael Fletcher, Lindzi Germain, Hayley Sheen, Andrew Schofield, Paul Duckworth and Keddy Sutton. 



    Stephen adds that the show has a family reunion feel, both with the cast and the audiences who come to The Royal Court year after year:



    “This is my eleventh show at The Royal Court since 2008 and I’ve seen how the theatre has evolved. The feeling that you get with the audience…there’s a familiarity. It’s a family. To see everything through with the actors, it’s a big team. I’m so proud to have done what I’ve done at the Royal Court and I’ve learnt so much about stage craft from the audience. You learn how the importance of entertainment in people’s lives, what it means to them. The Royal Court also showcases the city of Liverpool in such as positive way”.


    There’s one familiar face though that I wonder if we’ll see again — the hilarious Frosty the Snowman of Scouse of the Antarctic:


    “He was in the show yesterday, but he’s gone now. I think he’s on ice”.


    Scouse Cinderella is at Royal Court Liverpool from Saturday 24th November 2018 - Saturday 19th January 2019.



    By Sarah O' Hara



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