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    When Sarah met Sam Jones

    Above: Sarah with Flash Gordon actor Sam Jones

    Photograph (C) The Lowdown Magazine


    Flash Gordon is one of the world’s most beloved Sci-Fi films. Since it first burst onto our screens in 1980, generations of fans have been captivated by this heroic tale of bravery. At MCM Comic Con Liverpool, Sarah met actor Sam Jones to find out more about this iconic hero…


    The first thing you’ll notice about Sam Jones is that like Flash Gordon, he is an awe inspiring person to be in the same room as. I remember growing up watching Flash Gordon with my family; my siblings and I entranced in this story - so to talk to Sam Jones was both a thrill and a humbling experience.


    Asking Sam how it feels to have both an older and newer generation of fans continually discovering the film, he beams with a smile:


    “It’s wonderful. We filmed this in 1979; going on thirty-eight years ago. Then of course Ted and Ted 2 had a lot to do with bringing in a brand new age demographic. It’s wonderful, it really is”.



    Speaking of fans, you can instantly see Sam’s admiration for them as soon as they approach the table to speak to him. He’s one of the friendliest people you will ever meet; always there to discuss the film and have a chat with his fans. It’s a lovely atmosphere to be around.


    When I ask Sam about the impact the film has had, both on newer films like Ted (in which Sam starred) and also on the fans, he enthusiastically replies:


    “It’s wonderful because I’m getting these phone calls or people are saying to me at the tables ‘you really impacted my life’. Seth McFarlane [Creator of Ted] a few years ago and he told me when he was eight years old, he saw Flash Gordon and it influenced him so much that when he walked out of the movie theatre, he knew he was gonna be a creative guy”.


    Reflecting back on the character of Flash Gordon, Sam adds that:



    “He's really one of the last few heroes who doesn’t have superpowers; he has to rely on his wit and his athleticism. With Flash Gordon you get good is really good and bad is bad”.


    Flash Gordon is still our hero and to many fans in the room today, so is Sam Jones.

    By Sarah O' Hara



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