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    Unfold launches at FACT Liverpool

    Audio visual masterpiece Unfold recently opened at FACT Liverpool, combining science and art into one incredible installation. Artist Ryoichi Kurokawa tells us more…


    Combining science and art, Unfold is your first solo exhibition in the UK. What inspired the exhibition?

    Unfold is the exhibition title, but at the same time it’s a new installation title, which is included in this exhibition. This installation renders the star formation/evolution into audio-visual composition, so science and astrophysics inspired it a lot.


    What was it like working with your collaborator, astrophysicist Vincent Minier? How did the ideas for the exhibition unfold?

    It was really exciting to work with him. After fixing a draft concept, we discussed the scientific scenario on star formation and available observation/simulation data to develop this piece.


    I, like many others, have a passion for astronomy. Will the exhibition be interactive for audiences?

    It’s not an interactive piece. It’s an audio-visual piece, which is composed of 3ch projection extending upward and 6.1ch surround sound with tactile floor. The viewers will experience cosmic phenomenon as perceptible three dimensional audio-visual composition.


    Finally, what music inspired this exhibition?

    I use sound generated using scientific data and this provided me with a new potential for sound making.


    Unfold is at FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology) on Wood Street, Liverpool from 11th March – 12th June 2016.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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