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      Trailer: Alan Partridge - Alpha Papa

      Alan Partridge - Alpha Papa

      Steve Coogan returns to the big screen but this time he brings with him his most celebrated and notorious character, Alan Partridge.

      After a releasing a teasers earlier this year in which Partridge is seen brainstorming titles for his film – ‘Colossal Velocity’, ‘The Norfolk Fracture’, ‘Gun Bird’ and ‘Chap of Steel’ this new, two and a half minute trailer packs a lot of action and reveals a bit more plot.
      Written by British comedy writing legends, Armando Iannucci  and Peter Baynham and fresh faced siblings Neil and Rob Gibbons who have reinvented Partridge over the last 2 years. The big screen story centres around Norfolk's finest DJ being forced into the role of negotiator when the station is held under siege. Will Alan talk round disgruntled colleague Pat Farrell? Will there be shots fired in anger? Will Alan become a public hero or simply another footnote in the history of broadcasting?

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