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    Timeless music and Woodland Echoes: Nick Heyward

    Photograph (C) Steve Ullathorne

    Used with permission by Impressive PR


    Following the release of his incredible album Woodland Echoes, Sarah caught up with Nick Heyward to talk new songs, his upcoming tour and Record Store Day 2018!


    Discussing Woodland Echoes, Nick explains that the name of the record was inspired by a piece of music featuring a cuckoo noise:


    “My partner was listening to music from around 1900-1920 and there was a piece of music that had a cuckoo on it. I didn’t really know what it was called, but I liked it.



    I thought of the first song ‘Love is the key by the sea’. It starts with ‘Love is an open book, open to take a look’…then a cuckoo comes in during the chorus. It starts with a clock and then the clock dissolves into the music; its like this eternal realm throughout the album.


    So I looked up the title of the song that my partner was listening to, featuring the cuckoo, and it was ‘Woodland Echos’. I thought, ah, what a perfect title! The title was there all along, but I didn’t realise it”.


    From the mesmerising melodies of ‘Love is the key by the sea’, to the uplifting ‘The Stars’ and beyond, Woodland Echoes paints a picture of life, love and travel. Indeed, listening to the album feels as if you are on a journey.

    Photograph (C) Steve Ullathorne

    Used with permission by Impressive PR 



    Talking to Nick is delightful and I cannot help but smile as we discuss the album and a shared love of travel and books. When I mention that listening to Woodland Echoes feels as if you’re embarking on a journey, Nick explains that:


    “It wasn’t until I compiled it all [the album] and put it into chapters, that it almost like it read like a book. When you plug into the album, it feels like you’re reading a book.


    When I was writing it, I was just doing what I love doing. When the clock stops and the timeless realm begins…you couldn’t say this album is very of this time or anything - you can’t say what decade it’s from”.


    The third single from Woodland Echoes, ’The Stars’, will also be released on vinyl for Record Store Day 2018 on Saturday 21st April:


    “I’ve always loved it [Record Store Day]. I thought that when I released another record, I wanted to get involved with record store day. It’s that tangible experience. It’s like a book; books have energy, like records. You’re uplifted. That’s what music does. Music is the thing underneath it all, there’s an importance in something real. I don’t think books or records will ever really go away”.



    Nick is excited to share Woodland Echoes with audiences during his upcoming tour, which visits Liverpool’s 02 Academy on Saturday 2nd June 2018:


    “All the songs on Woodland Echos I’m looking forward to performing. As an artist you want to perform the latest thing you’ve done. I’m working on another album at the moment and I’d love to perform songs from that too, but I’ve got to hold myself back and say, no it’s not ready yet! (Laughs)”.


    Though fans had a taste of a few songs from Woodland Echoes during Nick’s visit to the Cavern Club in Liverpool a few years ago, he cannot wait to perform in the city again:



    “I only played about one or two songs when I was at the Cavern Club a couple of years ago, which was a really warm, exhiliterating night. One of those special nights. Everything was lovely, the meet and greet afterwards was lovely, just everything was lovely. I was walking back to my hotel and I just thought ‘What a night, I love Liverpool! It’s been good since the first night of going there - I feel like it was just yesterday; what a brilliant place!”


    Woodland Echoes is available now.


    Nick Heyward will be at Liverpool’s 02 Academy on Saturday 2nd June 2018.


    By Sarah O'Hara



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