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      Will Sergeant
      While some people’s idea of Christmas cheer might involve a combination of ice- skating, carols and pantomime, for many Liverpool music fans it’s all about donning black and rugging up for the end of year Echo and the Bunnymen show.

      We spoke to Will Sergeant, one half of the Bunnymen core, who said: “Yeah it’s become a bit of a tradition, that Bunnymen Christmassy type of show. It kind of makes a full stop on the year”.

      And a busy year it has been for Sergeant, who in May opened the first dedicated exhibition of his art – a mixture of screen-printing and painting – in LA, and also collaborated with local songstress Eva Peterson on producing her new record ‘Emerald Green Eyes’.

      Sergeant says he enjoyed his first foray into producing, but when asked if he’d do it again replied: “I would, but I couldn’t be bothered going in with a bunch of snotty teenagers. I mean I know what we were like - you think you know everything but you don’t know nothing really.”

      Into 2013 Sergeant already has a gig date lined up to debut Poltergeist, his instrumental project featuring former Bunnymen bassist Les Pattinson and treading Mogwai meets ‘Meddle’-era Pink Floyd ground. Being out his Bunnymen comfort zone is a ‘bit of a worry’ but Sergeant promises of the show: “There’ll be some visual, projections, things like that. It’s a bit boring watching three blokes noodling onstage isn’t it?”

      Echo & the Bunnymen play the 02 Academy on Saturday, December 15. Poltergeist perform at the Kazimier on Saturday, March 16.