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    The Trevor Horn Band return to Rewind Festival this summer!

    Photograph (C) Lorne Thomson


    Influential and innovative Musician and Producer Trevor Horn joins the line-up at this year’s Rewind North Festival 2017! We caught up with him to talk ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, producing iconic tracks and timeless music…


    Following their set at Rewind Henley last year, Trevor recalls how he loved it so much, they couldn’t wait to perform at the festival again:


    “I played Rewind Henley last year, which was great. I liked the audience so much; they were so nice and we [the band] had such a good time playing. I said ‘I’d love to play for you again, you’ve been such a great audience’ and then we were booked for two Rewinds this year!”


    Known for producing classic hits such as ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, I ask what audiences can expect from The Trevor Horn Band’s set this year:


    “We play a few Frankie [goes to Hollywood] songs, we play an instrumental version of ‘Two Tribes’ and we play ‘Relax’, but we do ‘Video killed the Radio Star’ and ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ too. Most of the songs we play are quite fast; I don’t think we can play any ballads in the afternoon!”


    One of pop music’s timeless classics, ‘Video killed the Radio Star’ is a crowd favourite and continues to delight generations of music fans across the world:


    “It’s had the most amazing life; the record is so bonkers. Originally, the idea behind The Buggles was - and you’ve got to remember that we had this idea in 1978 - was that it was a guy at a Record Label making records on his computer, inventing bands and that’s who The Buggles were”.


    The Trevor Horn Band perform at Rewind Festival North on Saturday 5th August 2017.




    By Sarah O’ Hara



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