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    The Thompson Twin's Tom Bailey at Rewind North 2016

    Photographs by Lee Millward

    Since my first concert more than a decade ago I’ve seen more gigs than I can possibly count. From emerging musicians to global megastars, people have often asked me: “What’s the best concert you’ve ever seen?”. The truth is, I really don’t know. So many spring to mind, but I can definitely say that The Thompson Twin’s Tom Bailey at Rewind North 2016 is at the top of my list.


    Following a quirky, reminiscent interlude of ‘We are detective’, The Thompson Twin’s Tom Bailey burst onstage in a sea of light, rhythm and applause. Opening with dance floor hit ‘In the name of love’, Tom strode dynamically across the stage, using a single handheld spotlight to focus on the crowd. ‘In the name of love’ was aptly titled, as Tom revelled in every word, melody and beat. His love for the songs and the audience emanated from the stage. Not just an energetic performer, but also a highly skilled musician, he quickly turned his hands to percussion. Creating that memorable rhythmic break before the final chorus of ‘In the name of love’, the crowd cheered for more as they danced across the fields. Following this high energy number, I thought that the show couldn’t possibly get any better.


    Then it did.


    Feelings of elation rose as the band broke into ‘You take me up’, a classic track from the In the gap album. The industrial sounds that accompanied Tom’s vocals paved the way for a sonically impressive reinterpretation of the song. Combined with his perfectly timed stepping across the stage, you couldn’t help but be mesmerised. It was as if a whole story was being played out in front of you. Tom Bailey our poet, the band our scene setters and together, our imaginative storytellers. They mix together like the colours of a painting - each complimenting one another, combining to open up a world of musical wonder for the audience. This set was a work of art - visionary, powerful, mesmerising.


    Completing the set were classic songs including ‘Doctor! Doctor!’ and the rousing ‘Lay your hands on me’. Though I would have loved to have heard ‘King for a day’ and ‘Watching’, the inclusion of ‘If you were here’ was a pleasant and immensely enjoyable surprise. Band members Alice, Paulina and Charlotte are phenomenal. Together with Tom Bailey they have reworked classic hits and produced songs that are familiar, yet refreshing tantalising to the ears. It’s a show that doesn’t just simply revisit the past; it reinvents it and gives a lingering excitement for the future.



    Aside from the Thompson Twin’s tracks, Tom Bailey introduced new single ‘Come so far’ part-way through the show. It’s a thought provoking song that makes you stop, think and reflect. While we danced the night away, there was still so much going on in the world. ‘Come so far’ is extremely poignant, reminding us that we need to help one another and look after one another. Music is a very powerful language and it can speak to us in a way that touches our hearts and minds. ‘Come so far’ did just that tonight.


    Hearts were also raised in song during the emotional climax of ‘Hold me now’, when chimes of “Stay with me, let loving start” could be heard from the crowd. Closing the set, Tom’s love for the audience was evident as he humbly thanked the audience. Tonight’s performance moved me in a way that no concert has before. It was a defining moment in music: A musician, a phenomenal band and a performance that will stay with me for a lifetime.


    The Thompson Twin’s Tom Bailey - a band that will forever hold our hearts.


    By Sarah O’ Hara




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