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    The Sessions: An interview with Joe Lynn Turner

    Photograph used with permission by JLTs Management

    One of the most outstanding vocalists and musicians of all-time, Joe Lynn Turner speaks about new album The Sessions.


    The Sessions is a collection of iconic songs, reinvented by a stellar line-up of musicians and sung by Joe Lynn Turner. Recalling how the album came about, Joe explains that:


    “This whole project was invented by Cleopatra Records and it started with a bunch of us working for charity, which is a very good thing. They would give us a list of a few songs and I had the ability to choose which song out of that list I would like to do. Then they got a group of excellent, notable musicians and they would cut the tracks in the studio and then I would cut the vocals. We went along…about over two years doing this and we have all these tracks now. They asked me could they put a compilation out and I said ‘this would be great’ and so far the reaction has been great. It’s just an amazing record”.


    Amazing is just one word to describe The Sessions. It’s vibrant, dynamic mix of songs from across the decades is nothing short of phenomenal. With it’s beautiful album cover, an image that Joe describes as a “fantastic concept”, The Sessions takes you on a musical journey you’ll want to revisit again and again.



    From ‘Riders on the Storm’ to ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Stone Cold’, Joe expresses his love for both the record and the tracks that make it:


    “I had so much fun doing it, because some of these songs are some of my favourite songs ever. To recreate them was just a joy to do in the studio, especially with all these great players”.




    One track ‘All the day and all the night’ is a long-time favourite of Joe’s and one he fondly recalls playing growing up:



    “I’ve been doing that since I was like fifteen; in the dance halls and places where we grew up. We were playing these songs. It’s a real hoot to go back and play all these songs”.



    Though familiar to hear, the songs on The Sessions are reinterpreted by Joe and a wide range of musicians including Viv Campbell, Phil Collen, Steve Lukather and Leslie West.

    ‘Fat Bottom Girls’ is an excellent rendition of this beloved song; adding in extra riffs and melodic phrases, which combined with Joe’s powerful vocals creates a sonic blast of audio delight. The entire collection of songs gives you thrills; the album itself one of the greatest I’ve heard.


    Describing the process of creating the reinterpreted songs, Joe explains that:


    “The indication was not to ape the track, as they say, but to add some of our own styles. The guitar players would add some tracks and things and change up some rhythms; that would occur in the studio. It wasn’t to make a perfect copy; it was more to give respect and tribute to the originals and then change it up our way”.


    The tracks certainly pay tribute to the originals and are incredible from the first to the last. ‘Back in Black’ is a particular favourite; Joe’s voice lending itself well to the song, while Phil Collen’s guitar solos and exceptional riffs exemplify his impressive musicianship.



    Impressive too is a word for Joe’s vocals throughout The Sessions. He is truly one of the greatest vocalists of all time; a magnificent musician whose vocals soar from the record and captivate your imagination. Joe is an inspiration; able to lend his vocals to any genre and any song. Whether it’s the soulful croons of ‘Dance the night away’ or the blues-rock edge of ‘The Seeker’, Joe has a voice that like a winding road can take you into any direction. It’s adventurous, it’s exciting and it’s iconic.


    The beauty of The Sessions lies in the diverse range of songs that make up the album. Whatever your age, there’s songs that resonate with you and songs for you to discover. Joe’s love for all genres of music is evident as we discuss The Sessions:


    “I grew up on all that [Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra]. My dad used to play that in the house. When you open your ears and listen to all sorts of music, you start to broaden your concepts a bit, instead of listening to just one style. I think that’s what gives you a rounded edge”.



    Closing the interview, Joe’s expresses his love for this incredible album and thanks the musicians he worked with:

    “All the players, I just have to give a big thanks to them. They played their best; you get all these great guys together with this one singer. They’re great players doing great music”.



    The Sessions is available to buy now.

    By Sarah O' Hara




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