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    The Red Shoes is a magnificent, five star production!

    Photographs by Johan Persson


    Liverpool Empire Theatre

    Tuesday 27th June 2017


    Celebrating their 30th anniversary, New Adventures’ production of The Red Shoes is a testament to the exquisite work of the company. It is magnificent, majestic and marvellous.


    Adapted from the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytale and the seminal film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, The Red Shoes is a story of creative passion, relationships and the desire to create exquisite art. Focusing on the relationship between a dancer, Victoria Page, and a composer, Julian Craster, this is a love story not only about a young couple, but also about a love for creativity.



    This love for creativity not only radiates in the story, but in every aspect of the production. Sir Matthew Bourne’s Artistic Direction is a work of art in itself. Every last detail is stunning; from the artistic vision, to the choreography, to the staging and to the music, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.


    Though you are watching a production on a theatre stage, The Red Shoes has a grand, cinematic atmosphere. Reflecting Bourne’s love for the Powell and Pressburger film, the projection of graphics on the walls and the production’s title on the red curtains has a feeling of classic Hollywood films. It appears as if an old cinema projector is presenting the production to us, immersing the audience in the story’s contextual setting.


    As we journey from the behind-the-scenes story to watching the actual production of The Red Shoes, the company deliver what I would consider the most exquisite and engaging performances I have ever seen. The Monte Carlo Holiday scene presented excellent examples of physical skill; from seamless choreography to gymnastic precision, with dancers balancing on beach balls and stepping in time with perfect precision. Each member of the company is flawless and a joy to watch onstage.


    Stepping into the Red Shoes themselves was Cordelia Braithwaite as Victoria Page. Braithwaite is an exceptional dancer; each movement as graceful as the last, flowing into one another like a river of beauty and emotion. You feel Page’s anguish, love and passion in every step Braithwaite takes, with each dance engaging you from the first to the last.


    Starring opposite Cordelia Braithwaite was the brilliant Dominic North as Julian Craster. I have seen Dominic in many New Adventures productions, but as Julian, he has surely delivered his most outstanding performance yet. He is one of the greatest dancers of a generation and an exceptionally talented performer.


    Sir Matthew Bourne and New Adventures’ production of The Red Shoes is simply breathtaking; a beautiful and thrilling production to watch.


    5 stars


    By Sarah O' Hara



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