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    An incredible musical line-up. One unforgettable tour. The Eighties Invasion Tour is back for 2017!

     Paul Young who will perform as part of the Eighties Invasion Tour


    Following an incredible series of shows this year, The Eighties Invasion Tour is back for 2017!


    Joining the tour is singer-songwriter and musician Paul Young. Ever the enigmatic showman and a brilliant vocalist, Paul is known for hits including ‘Love of the Common People’, ‘Everytime you go away’ and ‘Wherever I lay my hat (that’s my home)’.


    He will perform as part of the Eighties Invasion Tour, which visits the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in March 2017.


    Liverpool is a city that Paul has visited before, as he recalls: “playing there on my very first tour. We played this beautiful theatre in Liverpool. I remember we were playing so loud that there were little bits of glitter confetti drifting down from the rafters - it’d probably been there for years and it was drifting down and landing on our heads!”


    Looking ahead to his performance as part of the Eighties Invasion Tour, he explains that the songs will be a mixture of well-known tracks and possibly a few surprises.


    He adds that when choosing songs: “It’s different in different countries; ’Love of the Common People’ was the biggest in Italy, but ‘Come back and stay’ was the biggest in Germany. ‘Everytime you go away’ was the biggest hit in America, so it varies, but in general those songs will always be there. Songs like ‘Otis Blue’ and ‘Don’t dream it’s over’ might get a look in, but also there are songs like ‘Some people’, which works really well live”.


    Joining Paul on The Eighties Invasion Tour will be Toyah, China Crisis and Martika. This brilliant mix of musicians showcases a range of musical genres from one defining decade of music.


    Reflecting on the eighties, Paul comments on how varied and exciting the sounds of the decade were: “That’s the great thing about it. The thing about music from the eighties is that there’s a lot of variation. All of the bands sounded very different and had an identity of their own. Spandeau [Ballet] didn’t sound like me, I didn’t sound like Duran Duran, they didn’t sound like Dire Straits; there were so many different things that was going on. The music was so wide and varied. There’s so much to choose from”.


    Promising a “Loose and fun” performance, Paul Young's set is sure to be a treat for all fans of this iconic singer's music - And with this stellar line-up, The Eighties Invasion Tour is sure to be one of the musical highlights of 2017.


    The Eighties Invasion Tour will be at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Sunday 19th March 2017.  


    By Sarah O' Hara



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