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    Lou Reed - Transformer

    Each month The Daft Punk nails its colours firmly to the mast. No subject taboo, no opinion too bold. Sifting through the recent punk rock news around the web sorting the Punk from the Daft Punk for Low Down Magazine.

    The world lost a music icon when Lou Reed died on 27th October. In the context of this blog you might not consider Lou Reed to be a punk rocker but you could not be more wrong. The Velvet Underground were at the birth of the US punk rock scene in New York City, as the ill-fated movie CBGB (out this month) depicts. Whilst the movie retains original audio (‘I Can’t Stand It’ by Velvet Underground features on the soundtrack) we know at least the music won’t be as bad as the casting. Let not Hollywood tarnish the memories of punk legends with cartoon-like characters in this crass comedy. Don’t waste your money on a cinema ticket while there are great Lou Reed records to be listened to.

    Verdict : Daft Punk!

    Yellow Dogs

    Yellow Dogs.

    It’s not often that the BBC world news reports on punk rock. November was different when the fatal shooting of members of Yellow Dogs in Brooklyn, New York made headlines across the world. The relatively unknown band outside the Iranian punk rock community instantly became a global talking point. Ali Akbar Mahammadi Rafie killed Iranian musician Ali Eskandarian and brothers Arash and Soroush Farazmand of the band Yellow Dogs on 11th November. The motive for the shootings was thought to be a conflict over money. Rafie later shot himself with the same weapon. Yet another footnote in the colourful history of the Brooklyn music scene.

    Verdict : Daft Punk!

    Captain Hotknives

    Captain Hotknives. Photo by Nathan Blaker

    In a folk-punk gig featuring the best of the UK’s new music scene, Captain Hotknives and The Roughneck Riot stand out from the line-up at Elevator, Liverpool on 13th December as the cherries on top of this punk Pavlova.

    Captain Hotknives, the Yorkshire musical comedian has all the makings of a cult legend; Mixing odes to the ‘Monk’s wine’ Buckfast, the alcoholic’s best mate Tenant’s Super, and robbin’ from his Nan. Not to mention his abhorrence for babies. But don’t despair, it’s not as bleak as it sounds. Largely improvised and mostly hilarious, Captain Hotknives is a comedian first and musician second. He will have you in stitches from the first chord.

    The Roughneck Riot are quickly cementing their status as one of the UK’s biggest folk punk bands. Hailing from Warrington where banjos, ukuleles and washboards have never been cooler, their political and social stance is as strong as their singer Matt Humphries’ voice. WA1 on the map, yo!

    Verdict : Punk Rock!

    Gentlemens's Pistols Gentlemen's Pistols. Photo by

    Crashing into the gig calendar like a bomb from Bad Santa’s sleigh, Gentleman’s Pistols are set to play Liverpool in December. Happy Christmas punks, the Leeds rockers are back on Scouse soil on 20th December. If that wasn’t enough good news then hold on, SSS are supporting. The hardcore giants recently signed to Prosthetic Records. The world-renowned band are one of the city’s biggest exports without a doubt. You can meet the Leeds guitar slingers and the Liverpool thrash masters in the tiny venue of Maguire’s Pizza Bar on Renshaw Street. Ho fu***ng ho.

    Verdict: Punk Rock!

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