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    TV Review: Yonderland

    It has been 2 weeks since Yonderland first entered my life and I quite literally do not know how I ever lived without it.

    From the minds of the wonderful Horrible Histories cast comes a tale of epic proportions. Like a mix between Monty Python, The Mighty Boosh and Labyrinth (of course without Jareth’s signature leotard!), chosen one Debbie of Maddocks suddenly realises there is a magical kingdom inside her larder. Bizarre...but brilliant.

    With the help of an adorable elf (voiced by The Wrong Man’s Mathew Baynton), Debbie must go on a quest to seek the lost scrolls and save Yonderland from the threat of the evil Negatu (a sinister and stupendous Simon Farnaby). Hiding her destiny from her husband and kids, she pops them off to their everyday lives and sets on her journey, meeting some pretty interesting folks along the way.

    The script works comically on so many levels. With fun for the children and more adult humour for us grown ups in addition to quirky references to pop culture (take for instance two little chefs deciding to start their own food chain), it’s that rare family show that remains humourous whilst not taking it so far as to become silly. Even the voice over accompanying the opening credits has you in tears of laughter...

    Now if you were ever a fan of the multi-rolling banter and hilarity of the Python Cast, then hold onto your hats in this world of familiar faces. Playing a multitude of characters from truth-telling monks, wise elders and dry-humoured servicemen fitting burning pits (with the option of a flame safety guard!), there seems to be no end to the creativity of the cast and the wonder of this land of yonder.

    There is no single stand out star in the show as each cast member has a uniqueness all of their own. From Ben Willabond’s cheeky humour to Laurence Rickard’s playful and magical characterisations (watch out for his wizard who has lost his mojo - it’s side splittingly good), this is a team of comedy bliss.

    Filling the gap left behind by five years of the glorious Horrible Histories (a staple show of my student life), it is safe to say that Yonderland is the perfect way to settle down and get cosy on a sunday winter night. Clever, comical and a whole heap of fun, you never know what you’ll find in your larder… 

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