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      Star Trek Into Darkness Review

      Star Trek Into Darkness

      Some might say that the entities of Star Trek and Star Wars are completely different beasts. It would be like first managing Everton then trying to take over the reins at a goliath club like Manchester United . . . oh wait.

      Yes, director JJ Abrams is to traverse universes but first he gives us Star Trek: Into Darkness and it feels like the end of a trilogy rather than a straight sequel. The soundtrack begs for epic atmosphere going from dramatic to melodramatic to operatic. Although slightly pantomime when Benedict Cumberbatch is introduced; “Who are you?” CAN YOU NOT HEAR THE MUSIC CLEARLY HE’S A BAD GUY! And what a bad guy he is. Cumberbatch adds a fair few pound notes to his TV work with his profound acting chops. Speaking of British actors done good; Simon Pegg is still a joy to watch in a Star Fleet shirt and dodgy Scot accent.

      With the story written so well and competently, it’s difficult to give a short summary without giving anything away so we’ll be brief: The USS Enterprise must embark on a manhunt in enemy territory to capture a fugitive waging a one man war on Star Fleet.

      That doesn’t quite demonstrate how much you’re going to cling to your seat but trust me, you will.

      Pacing is spot on and as episodic as it should be, considering the televisual origins, there’s plenty of fast paced action. Dialogue offers just enough rest bite but just as you’ve gotten your breath back the action kicks off again.

      I'm not sure I’ve seen a Star Trek that has been as close to flawless as Into Darkness and debated with Spock as to how illogical it was that my eyes seemed to be leaking at one point.

       If it weren’t for the infamous lens flare I would have been stuck to find anything that I didn’t enjoy about it. Perhaps the (ever) unnecessary 3D would be the only gripe, the opening scenes actually looked blurry but that might have been due to the cinema’s projection rather than the actual film.

      There may be debate about whether this is for the Trekkies or not, but references to familiar events of Trek’s past are done just right and may even make Trekkies of us all.

      We’re entering a glorious time of cinema in which these massive, iconic franchises are being made by fans for the fans and we should let loose the cynicism and enjoy the spoils. I personally, can’t wait for the next instalment from JJ Abrams, taking the next generation into the chapter of Star Wars.