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      Spring Breakers

      Spring Breakers
      What is Harmony Korine trying to say with this scantily clad, teenage booze, drugs, gun fest? We’re not entirely sure. But that’s not to say we don’t like it.

      Faith (Selena Gomez) is in her bikini, drunk and swaying around in a pool expressing her wishes to “Stay like this forever”, how she’d like to “click it and freeze this moment” because she’s just so happy, so chilled.

      This is more than just getting drunk, this is an experience. Spring Break forever.

      Half way through her speech, snide-eyed Candy (Vanessa Hudgens) looks to her partner in crime Brit (Ashley Benson)  and a look passes over her face as if to say “what the hell is this girl talking about and does her mother know she’s out after 11pm?” which was almost the exact expression worn by 50% of the audience throughout Spring Breakers.

      Is this a joke or is director Harmony Korine really trying to say something? And if he is trying to say something, what exactly is he talking about? Is this a cautionary tale about youth culture? Maybe it’s about drugs? Spiritualism?

      An endless list of questions is what you will leave the cinema with, but “Did i actually like that?” seems to be the most important.

      Spring Breakers is the marmite film of 2013, dividing audiences and causing arguments across the board. For some this will be an experience, transcending the need for explanation.

      According to director, Harmony Korine that’s something he’s happy about, saying he set out to create a feeling, a post narrative that is inexplicable, a feeling like a drug experience with transcendence that disappears. I’m not so sure even he knows what that means but here’s what i do know about Spring Breakers; Four american college girls become embroiled with a Floridian gangster named Alien (James Franco) and find out what it really means to live fast and party hard.

      Ofcourse, not everyone can handle the raw aggression that comes with Alien's introduction to real guns as apposed to the 3 finger guns and water pistols they were pointing at each other before. Like all girly holiday's someone always chicken's out before things get crazy and winds up on the bus home crying. Here it's a little different but before these girls actually start shooting the 9 millies this could have been an episode of Geordie Shore: Girlz Gone Wild.

      In a nutshell, that’s it. Franco plays a blinder, almost literally with his gold teeth grillz and ridiculous amount of bling. Living the American and liking it, Alien is the perfect example of someone who will always be a Spring Breaker. The drugs and arms dealing is a means to an end for him, he's just there to have fun which is reinforced with a constant whisper of "Spring Break Forever" that's more like a prayer than a slogan.

      If you take anything away from this seeimingly vapid and soulless film,  you can say you’ve heard James Franco’s rendition of Britney Spears’ 'Everytime' and it made complete sense.

      Spring Break Forever.

      TONI GARDEN ||