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    Slade announce December UK tour!

    Photograph used with permission by MP Promotions


    Slade are on tour and ready to rock at Liverpool’s Hangar 34 this December!


    Speaking to Don Powell ahead of the concert, he expresses his excitement about the tour. Joined by Mal McNulty and John Berry, Slade cannot wait to perform in Liverpool once again:


    “It’s gonna be great! We have lots of friends in Liverpool and it’s a long time since we’ve played here, so it’s going to be great being back”.


    Having sold millions of records across the world, including ‘My oh My’, ‘Come on feel the noise’ and ‘Cause I love you’, Don reflects on one of his favourite songs ‘Far, Far away’:



    “If you listen to the lyrics, it describes life touring in the 70s around the world non-stop and it means a lot to me. It’s been an incredible experience”.


    During one of their tours, the band recorded one of music’s most infamous festive records during their week off, ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ - but it wasn’t Winter…it was Summer!


    “When we were on our world tour in 1973, we had a week off in New York and I said, ‘let’s record it’. The thing was, it was 100 degrees fahrenheit and in the height of summer! (Laughs) We turned the lights down in the studio and really went for it and it’s incredible really. I never thought we’d still be talking about it forty years later!”


    As the interview draws to a close, it has been brilliant to talk to Don Powell. Before I say goodbye however, I cannot help but ask about my favourite Slade record ‘Mama we’re all crazy now’. It’s catchy hooks and brilliant riffs have made this anthem one of my all time favourite records and it’s vibrant energy was all recorded in one take!


    “It took as long to record it as it took to listen to it. We recorded ‘Mama we’re all crazy now’ in one take, all together in the studio. We listened to it and said, ‘that’s the one’. It had that excitement; that excitement and sound that we have playing live”.


    Slade on tour and will be at Liverpool’s Hangar 34 on Friday 22nd December 2017.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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