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      Steve Hughes enters a full house with his head almost touching the ceiling. His long haired, bearded appearance makes him look like he just escaped from middle earth or the Hawkwind crew bus...

      He settles in quickly, “Is this a stage or a f****** pallet!” and his combination of childlike logic and anti-authoritarian views mean his material ranges widely from the mundane to heavy political and philosophical issues.

      Subjects include why magic mushrooms are the only illegal ones despite the fact that the others can kill you, rampant consumerism, war, problems in the Middle East and why he had to pay to escape from the Wirral after  taking a wrong turn into the tunnel.

      “People ask me how did I make the transition from drumming to comedy? Easy I just moved the drums...”

      The heavier material is dealt with later on when he feels he has won the crowd over but despite the subject matter his likeable manner and jovial delivery mean it’s not short on humour and the majority of people in the room are laughing from start to finish. No mean feat considering this is his first headline tour.

      Credit must also go to warm up act Sully O'Sullivan who did did exaclty that in a confident manner with plenty of laughs.

      His rising popularity has seen Steve appear on mainstream TV but much of his material relies on a freedom of speech not usually afforded by the medium and is better suited to a live show.

      Like the long tradition of comedians such as Bill Hicks, George Carlin and the like, Steve Hughes doesn’t just want you to laugh. He wants you to take the red pill and see how far down the rabbit hole you can go. Listen at your
      own peril, this one goes up to 11. ||