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      Liverpudlians were transformed into Lilliputians during the penultimate weekend in April when Royal De Luxe’s Sea Odyssey came to town.

      An estimated 600,000 people watched the three-day production, organised to commemorate the Titanic disaster.

      The council has predicted there will be significant economic benefits generated by Giant Spectacular but its immediate effects could be seen across the faces of all those lining the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of the three marionettes who were then so swiftly taken to their hearts.

      After being treated to a spellbinding spectacle of street theatre and watching the drama played out between the giant puppets (who graced the city centre and north Liverpool with their presence) all those who had come to watch in awe, waved the 30ft little girl giant, her playful dog, Xolo and her 50ft diver Uncle off to sea.