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    Review: 'Saturday Night Fever'

    Photograph by Pamela Raith





    Adapted for stage by Robert Stigwood and based on the film of the same name, Saturday Night Fever danced its way into audience’s hearts at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.


    One of the best film to stage adaptations I have ever seen, this five star show will have you dancing and singing through the night.


    Richard Windsor dazzles as Tony Manero, the character played by John Travolta in the film. His dancing within an ensemble is mesmerising, but his solo during ‘Immortality’ brimmed with emotion. Each movement spoke volumes and you could see the character’s thoughts and feelings in every step.


    The entire ensemble were flawless from start to finish. The energy onstage was electric; every facial expression was passionate, every dance move exciting. Whether it was ‘You should be dancing’ or ‘Nights on Broadway’, the choreography was superbly timed, the disco onstage felt real and from start to finish, the cast were unstoppable. Faizal Jaye as DJ Monty brought the disco scenes alive and he stood out to me as a musical performer to watch out for - his performance was incredible!


    Photograph by Pamela Raith


    It wasn’t just the dancing that left you with awe, but also the music. Kate Parr as Stephanie Mangano performed ‘What kind of fool’ during act two and her voice was sensational. Anne Campkin as Annette left me speechless with her rendition of ‘If I can’t have you’; not only a phenomenal dancer but an incredible singer. The entire cast brought the audience into the character’s worlds of disco, love and life in two hours of musical magnificence.


    What I loved about this show was its production. The set changes were slick; the pace of the story moving seamlessly from Monero’s home to the disco and to Manhattan and back.


    The musical montage during Monero’s travels on the subway was excellently crafted to reflect the character’s emotions at that time in the story. Using the soundtrack to the original film, the stage production incorporated the songs perfectly; not only using them as a homage to the film, but also contextualising the events taking place and the character’s emotions.


    A standing ovation for Edward Handoll, Alastair Hill and Matt Faull as The Bee Gees, whose harmonies were note-perfect and phenomenal throughout the show. Stood on a platform above the characters, they performed songs such as ‘How deep is your love’ and ‘More than a woman’ and had me cheering for more.


    Remember as The Bee Gees sang - “You should be dancing yeah!” and we certainly were!



    5 stars


    By Sarah O'Hara



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