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    Do you feel the need to laugh uncontrollably? Are you longing for high-octane action and suspense? Then it looks like you need a trip to The Royal!


    Be prepared for a case of comedy fever, because you will never find a show quite like this. It’s brilliant, barmy and totally bonkers! Imagine Hollywood blockbuster meets Laurel and Hardy, with added Two Ronnies meets Police Academy style wit. It might sound like a surprising combination, but it works to absolute perfection. There’s something for everyone in this show and everyone in the room loved it!


    Set in the Royal Liverpool Hospital, the story follows three characters - Teresa the tea lady, Flo the Nurse and Mo McGuire as they prepare for the big move to the new hospital. Cue a fight for survival however, as the bulldozer enters too early! It’s a race against time and race to safety - but their antics will leave you roaring with laughter.


    The script is absolutely priceless. Written by and starring Lindzi Germain (Teresa), Angela Simms (Flo) and Lynn Francis (Mo), this is one of the best, if not the best, comedy script that has graced our stages in recent years. The back and forth between the characters reminds you of being with your friends on a night out; delving into each other’s lives and making jokes out of the littlest things. Between work, life, love and the dream of achieving employee of the month (a conversation between the three that proves highly amusing!), you can see yourself and those you love in the characters onstage. It’s as equally charming and lovable as it is hilarious. The three actors are true acting talent. There’s an undeniably chemistry that works constantly between them; you almost forget you’re watching a play and actually become involved in the story. That’s the power of a great performance - to believe what the characters are saying and feel that you are there. The royal three certainly achieved this and more in this hilarious show.


    Speaking of hilarity, the jokes are non-stop. Every quip hits the mark and every joke had the audience in stitches, particularly the argument between Alan Stock’s Walter and Germain’s Teresa, which escalated to outrageous, but brilliant hilarity. I won’t mention the jokes specifically, because this is truly a show that needs to be seen. All I can say is that I couldn’t breathe for laughing; the tears were rolling - so it was good I remembered to wear waterproof mascara!


    Aside from the comedy, there’s also action. Danny O’ Brien’s charming builder Paddy is so daring, he could easily star in an action film alongside greats like Bruce Willis! Danny is always a pleasure to see in Royal Court shows, but I do think this could be one of his best roles to date. Likewise for the fabulous Alan Stocks, who grabs your attention as Scout Leader Walter Bush. His deadpan humour and honest one-liners show how versatile an actor Stocks is - being able to play both serious and comic at the same time. Together the entire cast produced a performance worthy of the standing ovation they received - and the five stars I am duly awarding the show.


    There’s one cast member we cannot forget to mention however and that is Philip Hesteltine as patient Mrs Llewellyn. He's a brilliant physical comedy actor, equal in skill to greats such as Buster Keaton. Guaranteed your jaw will ache from laughing. Between sliding off beds and being moved around by the other actors on stage, his level of technical skill is second to none.


    Complimenting the cast is superb set, lighting and sound, designed by Mark Walters, Ian Scott and Kate Harvey. The hospital looks incredibly realistic, while the destruction that ensues  around the characters will make you jump out of your seat - but in a way that leaves you in awe. A perfect cast and phenomenal design. It’s a match made in theatre bliss.


    The Royal is only at the Royal Court Liverpool until July so grab a seat while you can. It is undoubtedly one of the best new comedies of the year - and one I hope will return again soon!


    By Sarah O' Hara




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