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    Review: Scouse Cinderella - Royal Court Theatre Liverpool


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    You shall go to the ball! The Royal Court’s festive show The Scouse Cinderella enchanted audiences this evening, with its comic twist on a classic fairytale.


    This is Cinderella - but not quite as you know it. With the arrival of her evil aunt Lil and wicked cousins, Cinderella is in a race against time to save her beloved woodlands. There’s a dashing Prince, a lovelorn friend, a plot to steal a diamond, a romantic ball and of course a mysteriously lost shoe. 


    The Scouse Cinderella is a fresh, funny, feel-good festive show. Combining Liverpool references with traditional pantomime elements and the Cinderella story, you won’t stop laughing throughout this hilarious and heartwarming journey. 


    The use of the Royal Court’s original revolving stage and the pantomime theme pays homage to the Royal Court’s history and 80th birthday year. Pantomimes were once a staple feature of the venue and it is wonderful to see another grace its stage again. The revolving stage allows the action to flow seamlessly; at one point utilised to comedic effect in act two as the stage turns continuously during the action. The fast paced-pantomime story is suited to the revolving stage and it’s lovely to see the two intertwined.


    The story is told by the incredible five-star cast who brought us The Scouse Nativity. Hayley Sheen dazzled the audience with her rendition of Cher’s ‘If I could turn back time’, while Michael Fletcher’s Buttons had a wonderful rapport with the audience. Fletcher’s rendition of ‘All About you’ was heartwarming and charming; his voice soaring with emotion in every note. Sheen and Fletcher’s onstage chemistry is performance perfection and every moment they’re onstage you are enthralled in their story. They bring this classic fairytale to life as if you are part of the story with them. 


    From one duo to another - this time the comic gold of Paul Duckworth and Andrew Schofield as the Ugly Sisters. My recommendation - bring a tissue, or wear waterproof mascara, because you’ll be crying with laughter non-stop when they’re onstage. No spoilers, but you’ll definitely be singing their version of a popular Christmas Carol on your way home - and the next day and the next. 


    Joining them is the brilliant Lindzi Germain as Aunt Lil. Every time I hear Lindzi sing I am in awe; her rendition of ‘Diamonds are forever’ was powerful and magical. She is an excellent pantomime villain. Alongside Germain, Keddy Sutton’s performance as Cinderella’s father is terrific; each joke and step making you laugh out loud. 


    Of course no Cinderella story would be complete without the Prince and who better than Stephen Fletcher. His comic timing, quick witted dialogue delivery and impressive performance of a nineties theme tune classic (watch out for it - it’s genius!) has this Prince as one of my fairytale favourites. 


    The entire Production is excellently produced, particularly the homages to popular eighties music videos. I won’t give too much away, but each detail from balconies to costume are excellently reproduced. 


    The Scouse Cinderella is a five star festive show that will enchant you, enthral you and win your heart. All before the clock chimes twelve o’ clock…



    5 stars



    By Sarah O' Hara



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