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    Review: Brick up 2

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    Get your hi-vis jackets, your hard hats and your friends - Ann Twacky is back and this time, she means business.


    Hot on the heels of last year’s glorious production of the comedy classic Brick up the Mersey Tunnels, Ann Twacky and her fellow Wirralians are back with more plans, more fun and more laughs than ever before.


    Brick up the Mersey Tunnels 2: The Wrath of Ann Twacky picks up where we left off. The Runcorn Bridge is in ruins, the tunnels are closed and Ann has seen the last of Liverpool…or so she thought. When the tunnels re-open, Ann decides to take matters into her own hands. Cue midnight meetings and some very unlikely allies - and that’s just for starters!


    From start to finish, the script is packed to the rafters with non-stop comedy. I don’t even think the cement holding the tunnel bricks together could withstand the power of the audience’s laughter. It’s completely infectious! There’s one liners, witty banter at Maggie’s old diner and plenty of song parodies that you won’t stop singing for days to come. The story is fresh, it’s exciting and it will keep you hooked until the final song.


    Between physical comedy (just look out for Francis Tucker and Andrew Schofield’s second act rendezvous), Paul Duckworth and Susanne Collin’s hilarious duets, Roy Brandon’s ever evolving and highly amusing personas and Eithane Browne’s laugh-out-loud incognito diner appearance, Brick up 2 is THE comedy of the year. Like Monty Python mixed with George and Mildred, you’ll still be grinning even when you’ve left the theatre. Oh - and your jaw will still be aching from laughing!

    Hats off (or should that be hi-vis jackets off?) to Andrew Schofield for one of the best multi-rolling performances I’ve ever seen - and probably will see. Switching seamlessly between Dickie Lewis and Dee Estuary, he can exit as one character and enter as another without even pausing for breath. If you want to see this comedy mastery, look out for Dee’s argument with Dickie in the first act (essentially Schofield arguing as both his characters), which completely leaves you in awe. It’s seamless, its brilliant and it’s a performance that deserves a standing ovation on its own.


    The entire cast are nothing but spectacular throughout and I could watch them perform all night. But don’t just take my word for it - gather your friends, take a seat and get ready for a five star show that you’ll want to see again and again.



    By Sarah O' Hara



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