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    Review: Black Country Communion - 'BCCIV'

    There are albums that make you want to turn up the stereo, play it loud and hit the repeat button as soon as the last song finishes.


    BCCIV is such an album.


    As soon as the final song (the mesmerising ‘When the morning comes’) faded from my speakers, I immediately wanted to listen to BCCIV again. Black Country Communion have produced not only one of the best albums of 2017, but one that is destined to become a rock classic. It’s already a classic to me and one the greatest albums I have heard this year.


    Opening with the rhythmic guitar hooks of ‘Collide’, the album takes you on a sonic journey; each song grabbing your attention from the very first second to the last.



    Each track has its own dynamic. ‘Over my head’ blends blues rock melodies with a dreamy chorus and psychedelic feel, culminating in an almost cinematic vibe. I can imagine driving down an open road listening to this song as it breathes into life from the stereo.


    Then there’s the echoing vocals of ‘Sway’; its classic rock chorus perfectly matched to the powerful vocals of Hughes and Bonamassa. Two of the greatest rock vocalists of all time, their vocals flow together like a powerful musical river, leading to a great ocean of incredible melody. 



    Photograph (C) Neil Zlozower


    In ‘Love remains’, the song opens with an incredible duet between the percussion and the guitars. As the song begins, you hear the repetition of a guitar riff, which falls silent as the drums introduce their own rhythms, with the drums then falling silent to make way for the guitars once more. Then the two come together, joined by the bass and vocals, culminating in one of the album’s stand out tracks.


    As the album closes with ‘When the morning comes’, the song’s beautiful piano intro is joined by haunting vocals and thought provoking lyrics. Like in 'Love remains' (and indeed on each song on the album), its blend of lyrical craft and musical dynamics highlights the band's incredible creative collaborations throughout BCCIV. 


    The songs on BCCIV made me want to pick up my guitar and with every listen, I'm in awe of Hughes, Bonamassa, Bonham and Sherinian's musicianship. 


    Each song is different from the next, leaving you in anticipation of what each track has in store. Even when you’ve heard the album once, each listen brings with it new sonic sensation that makes you want to hit the play button one more time.


    Excellently produced, BCCIV is not only one of the best rock albums of the year, but the decade. Press play, turn it up and live the rock 'n' roll journey. 



    5 stars


    BCCIV by Black Country Communion is available to buy now.

    By Sarah O' Hara



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