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    Peter Hooton to perform with British Electric Foundation this Summer!

    Photograph (C) Lorne Thomson 



    Following incredible performances with British Electric Foundation in 2016, The Farm’s Peter Hooton is back this summer at Rewind North 2017.


    Performing once more with British Electric Foundation, Peter recalls the amazing atmosphere onstage at Rewind Scotland and Rewind South in 2016:


    “I played with them at Rewind South and Rewind Scotland last year, which went down great. The reception was fantastic! I’d never played any Rewind Festivals before; I’d heard about them, but I’d never been to one before. They’re great occasions, because they’re celebrations of music”.


    Following the Rewind Festivals, Peter joined BEF as a special guest on the BEF Heaven 17 tour last Autumn:



    “Heaven 17 did a tour in the Autumn, performing Penthouse and Pavement, and then the second half of the show was British Electric Foundation with guests. It was great. I’ve met a lot of groups over the years, but Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory, they’re up there with the best”


    As in previous years, guests will perform one of their hits and a cover song as part of their set. Having performed ‘All together now’ at Rewind Festivals in 2016, Peter recalls the audience reaction to the song and the amazing atmosphere it created:


    “We [The Farm] perform it everywhere we go and it goes down great. It has that magic to it. I never get bored of singing it and I love seeing the reaction from people. People know the sentiments of the song and it means a lot to people”.


    Peter Hooton will perform as part of British Electric Foundation at Rewind North Festival on Sunday 6th August 2017.



    By Sarah O’ Hara




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