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      Pauline Daniels

      Pauline Daniels

      Pauline Daniels has performed in every venue on the comedy circuit. From the small working men's clubs to the London Palladium, Daniels has been Britain number one comedienne for almost three decades. But her talent lies with more than just her funny bone and she has been carving out her name as one of Liverpool's favourite theatrical protégés. Her definitive role as Willy Russell's ScouseWife, Shirley Valentine, has become synonymous with Daniels superb acting skills and spot on comedy timing.

      This month see's Daniels celebrating her 58th birthday doing what she does best, at one of her favourite venues in Runcorn, The Brindley. I was lucky enough to catch a few minutes with Pauline and ask her about her upcoming birthday celebrations and what audience's can expect from her one woman show.

      So Pauline, how did you end up performing on your birthday?

      I always used to perform in plays and do comedy at The Brindley, but it had been about 5 years since i'd been onstage there, so we got together and had a meeting and decided it would be great to do my one woman show,

      which I haven't done that often, but changes all the time.

      A one woman show seems like a lot of work, what can audiences expect to see on the night?

      It'll have everything in it. I've spent 33 years in the business and have played some very diverse roles and I want to show as much of it as possible in one night. So there will be a little offering from Shirley, a section from the musical I did in the West End  and songs and stand up from throughout my career. I think it's a real cornucopia of everything that I do.

      I saw your performance of Shirley Valentine a few years ago at The Royal Court and it's by far one of my favourite on stage performance of Valentine, what have been your highlights on stage throughout your career?

      Playing Mae West on the West End and Shirley (Valentine) here in Liverpool are probably my favourite's.

      And the challenges?

      Annie Wilkes in Misery that was a very challenging role but the most challenging was Pat Brown in a verbatim piece for the Everyman about Street Sex Workers called Unprotected. I think because it was a real person who had suffered the loss of her daughter because of her profession, it was such a raw piece of writing there was a lot of things that could have gone wrong with that piece. I've stayed in touch with the real Pat Brown ever since too.

      You have such a diverse range of characters and roles on your cv, but you still do the comedy act running alongside those roles. Which do you prefer?

      I don't prefer either the theatre or the stand up I love the both, I love the discipline of the live theatre but I love the unknown of the stand up and the rush of adrenalin I get from both.

      So what does the next 12 months hold for Pauline Daniels?

      I'm working all over the world this year, it's very exciting. I'm doing theatre aboard on cruise ships and going out to Singapore to make the ex pats laugh. Thankfully i'm busier than i've ever been!

      With over 30 years in the business are there any pearls of wisdom you've collected over the years?

      I suppose the only wisdom and advice I could give to anyone out there who wants a career, not just a flash in the pan but someone who really wants to have a career that lasts, is to work hard. Simple as that. Get to know your audience and always be true to yourself.