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    Music, creativity and Hermitage Green: An interview with Dan Murphy

    Photograph used with permission by Mystic Sons PR


    Following the release of their new single ‘Lions Share’, Sarah caught up with Hermitage Green singer Dan Murphy to talk about their UK & Ireland tour, their new EP and supporting The Pogues…


    2017 has been an amazing year for Hermitage Green. Following sold out shows in the UK and Ireland earlier in the year, the band have supported artists including The Pogues and John Ritter:


    “Getting to share a stage with acts as iconic as The Pogues and Josh Ritter is amazing. Josh Ritter is a writing genius and such a great guy”.



    Now embarking on a headline tour, Dan expresses his excitement for playing their new EP to audiences for the first time:


     “The EP was released about three weeks ago. It’s a departure from our older stuff; there’s a lot of electronic synths, harmonica and we’re really happy with it. This will be the first time we’ve played our new EP on the tour. We pride ourselves on an action packed show and like to keep it fun”


    Featuring new single ‘Lions Share’ , Dan explains how the song was written:



    “I wrote it with a friend of mine. It was one of those situations where two friends just go into a room and start playing and the song just developed from there. It was really creative. Creativity just happens - you’ve got to be relaxed and free with your creativity”.



     Looking ahead, he adds that the band will release another single from their EP in 2018:


    “We’re releasing a new single in January, but we don’t know which song we’re going to release yet. It’s a choice between two songs. We’re going to throw it out to the audience and see what they think the new single should be”.



    Audiences can hear these songs and more on their current UK & Irish tour, which visits Liverpool on 30th November 2017.



    Hermitage Green have performed in the city earlier in the year and cannot wait to visit Liverpool again:


    “We played in Liverpool for the first time in February and it’s a great city. We have a love and affinity with it. It’s a great town with great people”



    Hermitage Green on currently on tour and will be at the Liverpool o2 Academy on Thursday 30th November 2017.



    By Sarah O' Hara




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