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    Mr.Big announce 'Live in Milan' album


    Photograph used with permission by Red Sand PR


    Following a tour which took them across the world after the release of 2017’s Defying Gravity album, Mr.Big have announced the release of their incredible new album Live in Milan.


    Released on 2 CD and Blu-Ray and Digital on 13th July 2018, the concert was recorded during the tour in Italy  in late 2017.


    The release also features one of drummer Pat Torpey’s last performances, who sadly passed away in January 2018.


    For anyone who has seen Mr.Big live (myself included), you will already be familiar with the band’s incredible live performances. From their amazing energy onstage to Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert’s virtuoso solos, Live in Milan captures all this and more in one of the year’s most highly anticipated live albums.


    Speaking about the concert, frontman Eric Martin adds:


    “The gig was packed, really no room to breathe and it was steaming hot in there, but the energy and the vibe I was feeling from the guys in the band was that we were going to lean into it. I know that sounds cliche coming from me but it was true, there was no holding back. I’ve seen the video of this concert dozens of times now and it’s us, hard and heavy and still kicking out the jams”


    Featuring songs including, ‘Damn I’m in love again’, ‘1992’, ‘Just take my Heart’ and ‘To be with you’, Live and Milan is truly ‘Alive and Kicking’.


    Mr.Big: Live in Milan is released on 2CD & Blu-Ray and Digital on 13th July 2018.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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