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      Monsters University

      Monsters University Pixar returns with a sequel to the mighty popular Monsters Inc. with a look at life before the scare floor - at Monsters University. Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) attend University with the same dream, to become the best scarer; Mike through learning and revising, and Sully by right, being part of a long line of reputable scarers before him.

      The nerd and jock buddy movie is set up then, but being less than best friends, they end up both getting the other into serious trouble, threatening their future at Monsters University. Cue the rag-tag band of unlikely loveable misfits, a montage, fraternity hazing and a seriously dangerous and entertaining gauntlet of challenges, and this underdog story is well on it's way. Pixar uses this classic formula of 'opposites banding together' to its advantage; developing story and characters, all the while remembering that we already like (and love) Mike and Sully, and still making their origin story endearing and welcome. Genius.

      It's risky business using beloved real estate like Monster Inc. as a basis for a new sequel. It's going to be hard to please everyone, especially die hard fans of the first movie, but first time feature director Dan Scanlon treads carefully with our favourite characters and keeps the maturity and heart that Pixar has become known for, along with the fun. Older audience members, especially university graduates will love rehashing uni life; halls of residence, pranks, fraternity/sports team initiation, all crafted however in an age friendly way.

      Some fantastic supporting cast steal scenes left and right; notably Charlie Day's Art, and Helen Mirren's Dean Hardscrabble. But the biggest surprise and testament of Monsters University came before the film; the infamous Pixar short. Titled 'The Blue Umbrella', this 6-min animation blew me away, for the sheer level of artistry and animation - flawless. The most convincing and lifelike animation I've ever seen. And luckily the same level of excellence was utilised throughout Monsters University - the quality of the animation is simply sublime.

      Fun and funny all the way through, Monsters University is a brave and bold sequel, able to stand on it's own legs, if with a little help from it's predecessor.

      Monsters University is in cinemas 12th July.