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    LoveHistory's new tour is a theatrical masterpiece

    What is lurking in the shadows? What are the stories behind the historical tales? Do you dare to venture into the Chamber of Horrors? We did - and it was hauntingly good.


    Theatre Company LoveHistory are renowned for their interactive tours. Featuring live performance in iconic venues, their latest tour The Chamber of Horrors is a thrilling treat for all who dare to join them.


    The chilling atmosphere builds as soon as you enter St George’s Hall, with haunting music echoing from the walls around you.


    Standing at the foot of the stairs, we were soon joined by our host for the evening. Adorned in Georgian clothing, he walked slowly towards us, recalling the history of St George’s Hall. Without saying a word, his slow movements instantly created an eerie ambiance, while his softly spoken words enticed you to see what lay ahead.




    And what did lie ahead? A unforgettable night of theatre - and some scares along the way!


    Around each corner you were instantly waiting to see what would jump out at you, only to find that it was your shadow. Then again, when you were least expecting it, a character would appear and have your pulse racing. I’m not going to spoil the tour and tell you what to expect, as it’s truly something to experience for yourselves.


    What I will tell you is that the tour unfolds throughout various areas of the venue, including the newly opened catacombs. It was interesting to learn more about the venue itself, while visiting areas including the old Court Room and cells, which brought the history to life.


    This tour could not have been possible however without the superb actors, who throughout the night, were flawless. Each character was both distinctive and memorable. While trying not to give too much away, the scene between our tour guide, a bride and a creation from classical literature was an engaging tale set above the atmospheric catacombs. Their dialogue drew you in and for a moment took you away from the other characters who were still lurking in the shadows, but you were still looking over your shoulder. It truly was a gripping evening - even if you were gripping onto the person next to you, waiting to see what happened next!


    Tonight was a magnificent blend of pop culture film influences, history and classical literature. My favourite novel was a delightful addition to the scenes (if you attend the tour, see if you can guess which novel it is!). 



    A treat for Halloween, The Chamber of Horrors is a theatrical masterpiece; original, excellently written and brilliantly performed.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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