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    Lost Soul is a five star hit comedy!

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    They say that music is food for the soul, and if that’s the case, then Royal Court comedy Lost Soul is laughter for the soul!


    With jokes to have you laughing through the night, Lost Soul is certainly not lost for words in this quick-fire production. 


    The dry humour and sharp wit between the couples is reminiscent of classic sitcoms such as Just Good Friends and Keeping up Appearances. Yet while the wit has a similar feel, Lost Soul is a unique production all in its own. 


    Focusing on two couples as they deal with relationship woes, friendships and making sense of life in their fifties, Dave Kirby’s script is as heart-warming as it is humourous. 


    Sitting with my mum, both she and I were able to relate to the themes of the show. From making that first move in a relationship, to looking back on the years and rekindling that romance, there’s a point in the story that makes you look back on your own life and the ones you loved and lost. It’s both sweet and emotive; a heartfelt comedy.

    If Lost Soul was a night sky, then Andrew Schofield and Lindzi Germain are the brightest stars. As comedy duos go, they’re up there with the greats. The sparring dialogue is perfectly timed, particularly the hilarious romantic evening scene in act two. Look out for their first meeting in the flashback too, where the sparks fly and our tears of laughter flow!


    I’m not going to spoil the story, as Lost Soul is one of the year’s must see shows. What I will say however, is that the story of the second couple will tug at your heart strings. It makes you want to hold the ones you love and make every moment count. Jake Abraham is one of the most charismatic and engaging performers to grace a Royal Court stage. Able to switch from one mood to the next, he draws you into Terry’s story. Together with the wonderful Catherine Rice as Pat, their performance draws you into some of the most emotive moments I’ve ever seen in a Royal Court production. 


    Lost Soul also has plenty of scenes where the entire cast come together in outstanding moments of theatrical brilliance. Watch out for an incredible slow-mo bar scene that will have you in awe. It’s excellently choreographed and the entire cast play out the scene flawlessly.


    Speaking of bars, applause is truly deserved for Lenny Wood as the bar tender. His Norman Wisdom-esque physical comedy is a skill in its own right (look out for Wood’s ‘Happy hour’ and ‘End of of happy hour’ facial expressions – they’re brilliant!). 

    Along with a fantastic Motown soundtrack, this show will have you tapping your feet and singing long into the night. Lost Soul is as timeless as Motown and is sure to be loved by audiences for years to come.


    A flawless, fantastic, fabulous show.

    5 stars


    By Sarah O' Hara



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