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    Level 42 are ready to rock Rewind North 2017!


    Photograph (C) Michael Palmer


    With less than three months until Rewind North 2017, we caught up with Mark King of Level 42 to talk about their upcoming performance on Saturday 5th August.


    Known for iconic songs like ‘Running in the family’ and ‘Something about you’, Level 42’s catchy bass lines and incredible grooves are set to get the crowd moving at Rewind North.


    The crowd’s enthusiasm for the music is equally matched by the band’s excitement to play at Rewind North, as Mark explains:


     “2014 was the last time we played Rewind North and it’s lovely coming back, playing again. To see how it’s grown; from 1000 people to 10,000 people, it’s wonderful to see them going to Rewind and celebrating the music”


    Yet with so many songs to choose from during their amazing career, what can audiences expect from their set?


    “We’ll be on for 45 minutes, playing all the hits like ‘Lessons of Love’ and ‘Heaven in my hands’. You do think ‘oh should we perhaps put a ballad in?’ as we have such a large catalogue of material to choose from - it’s lovely”.


    I ask how it feels to know that Level 42’s music is not only appealing to fans who heard the songs back in the eighties, but also a new generation of fans at festivals:


    “There’s no age limit to it [music] and no cut off to it. Music has a broad appeal due to these festivals and I hope that will continue”.


    Along with Level 42, the amazing line-up for Rewind North includes Altered Images, The Trevor Horn Band and Tom Robinson, with Mark adding:


    “We were one of the bands from the 80’s, which was a decade with such an eclectic mix of musicians. Rewind North has a great line-up. I mean Trevor Horn, his output has been incredible - everything from the work with Frankie [goes to Hollywood] to Grace Jones’ Slave to the Rhythm. What a guy!”


    Mark’s passion for music is inspiring to hear, with his closing words in our interview summing up the power of music to bring us all together:


    “Music is about celebrating life and living in the moment”.


    Level 42 will perform at Rewind Festival North on Saturday 5th August 2017.



    By Sarah O’ Hara



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