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    Let it Be returns to the Liverpool Empire Theatre


    Let it Be returns to the Liverpool Empire this week, as part of their UK tour. Sarah caught up with Emanuele Angeletti to talk The Beatles, Liverpool and the new updated version of the show.


    Beatles musical Let it Be is back and visits the Liverpool Empire Theatre from Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th September 2018.


    Emanuele, who portrays Paul McCartney in Let it Be, explains how the show has changed since it’s last visit to Liverpool in 2016:


    “It’s a new version. The old version toured for six years and it was a good chance to change some things, so it’s a brand new version. Shall I explain it or do you want me to keep it as a surprise? (Laughs)”


    Eager to hear more, I ask Emmanuelle how the show has changed, but of course, without revealing too many details!


    “I won’t tell you any of the songs, but I’ll explain the format of the show. During the first act we’re performing the Beatles’ story, from 1962 to the 1970s. The old version of the show has been condensed into the first act. We’re doing all the sets; the Royal Variety, Shea Stadium, Sgt.Pepper, Abbey Road, all in the first act. For the second act, it’s totally brand new. It’s basically an imaginary reunion of the Beatles and the reunion is for John Lennon’s birthday in October 1980 - his 40th birthday”.


    The second act features highlights from the Beatles’ solo careers in the 1970’s, which is a new addition to Let it Be:


    “All of us are in 70’s clothes - McCartney is dressed how he was in Wings and Lennon is dressed how he was in New York. We basically play highlights of their solo careers. It’s totally different and people really like it”.


    If The Beatles had of performed a reunion concert, I ask which song Emanuele would have loved to have heard:


    “My favourite Beatles song is ‘The Long and Winding Road’. I have a special feeling with that song - it’s one of the songs I would have loved to have heard The Beatles play”.


    Having opened in Cardiff last month, the show has already been met with love and acclaim from audiences:


    “It’s amazing. The show has been full every single night and the audience reaction has been beautiful”.


    It is a delight once again to speak to Emanuele who has been performing as Paul McCartney in Let it Be for the past few years. As we talk, you can hear the love that he has for the audiences who come to see the show, his fellow cast members and friends and of course, Liverpool and the music of The Beatles:


    “That is THE place. Liverpool is magical; there’s something magical in the air. It’s so good walking around those streets. Going around the Cavern, walking around Liverpool - it’s so good!”


    Let it Be is at the Liverpool Empire Theatre from Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th September 2018.


    By Sarah O'Hara



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