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    Above: Paul (Emmanuele Angeletti), George (John Brosnan), Ringo (Luke Roberts) and John (Paul Canning)


    Featuring the fabulous music of the Beatles, Let it Be has delighted audiences across the world. With a five week run at the Royal Court Theatre, we spoke to the incredible Emmanuele Angeletti, Paul Canning, Luke Roberts and John Brosnan about the show…


    The launch for ‘Let it Be’ has just taken place at the Hard Days Night Hotel. How exciting is that?

    P: It’s amazing. I’ve never felt more like a Beatle in my life; playing John Lennon by a big six foot picture of John Lennon and staying in the Hard Days Night Hotel, overlooking Matthew Street. It’s just amazing.


    Let it Be toured to Liverpool last year. What’s it like to be back?

    L: It’s lovely in every way. Liverpool was one of my favourite weeks on the tour, so it’s great that it’s happened.


    You all sound so much like the Beatles onstage. What are your first memories of hearing their music?

    P: Mine is of being about five or six years old in a school concert and we sang ‘Yesterday’. It’s just so beautiful. My mum used to play me Beatles records too.

    E: I can’t remember the first time because my dad had the entire collection, so I grew up with the all the songs and I remember by ten I knew all the songs.

    L: I can’t remember mine exactly, but I remember singing ‘Yellow submarine’ in a music class at school. What a brilliant song to do!

    E: One of my favourite Beatles albums is Live at the BBC, because I can remember when it was released. It was in 1994 and I was like ‘Wow! A new Beatles record!’


    They sound like such lovely memories. Speaking of songs, ‘Yesterday’ is the most covered single of all time and ‘I wanna hold your hand’ is the fastest selling of all time. What is your favourite song to perform in Let it Be?

    P: ‘In my Life’ or ‘Hey Jude’…’In my Life’….’Hey Jude’…ahhhhh!

    E: You need to choose one…

    P: ‘In my life’. The words are so poignant and beautiful. He wrote that at twenty three or twenty four and for that to come from a twenty three/twenty four year old guy is phenomenal. Everything about it is perfect. It’s a perfect, beautiful record and it’s a pleasure to sing. I love it.

    E: Mine is ‘Long and Winding road’. I like the music and the piano.

    L: ‘Come together’. It’s just incredible and so unique.

    J: Probably ‘While my guitar gently weeps’; it’s got great production and it’s fun to play. I have to say also though ‘Long and winding road’ and ‘In my Life’, because the mood in the room just changes. There are a lot of magical moments in the show I think.


    You’ve just completed an eight month run at the Garrick theatre, including recreating the Abbey Road walk. Now you’ll be performing in a 5 week run at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool. What’s it like to part of such an incredible show and what keeps you coming back for more?

    L: Lots of things. The music obviously but to be honest the people, the guys I work with. When you get a connection with your band it just works.

    J: It’s a very tight knit unit. There’s two bands, eight cast members and it’s such great fun. That and the audiences; every night we see the audiences get visibly moved. It’s so satisfying.


    Let it Be is at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool from Thursday 8th October – Saturday 14th November 2015.

    To find out more and to book tickets, please visit:


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