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      Leonard Cohen reflects on love, life and regret to great effect on a beautiful album which delivers everything we’ve come to expect from the man.

      Age has not diminished his ability to deliver brilliant lyrics with wit, warmth and self deprecation. With a voice now so dark and smokey it could cure kippers and perfect accompaniment from the angel voiced Webb sisters, you are invited to enjoy the sun slowly set on a long, illustrious career and a life well lived.

      If you’re not moved by this album you may wish to check your pulse.The music is warm and mellow without being maudlin and creates an intimate glow.

      Gypsy violin, harmonica and Hammond organ all make welcome appearances and there are at least three tracks on here that will have his previous classics hastily shuffling along to make room for them on his next greatest hits collection. Buy, enjoy and treasure. 9/10 KK