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      Monday 30, January 2012



      If you haven’t heard of Lana Del Ray then you can safely consider yourself on the outskirts of popular culture. Driven by the desperation for a quick and huge return of investment she has suffered from the kind of overexposure the music industry specialises in. With rumours aplenty about fakery, cosmetic surgery and rich parentage bringing her credibility into question the pedestal she was placed upon has started to look a bit wobbly.

      Distractions aside, Video Games was one of the songs of 2011. LDR’s sultry voice coupled with the cinematic orchestration make it easy to listen to this album. National Anthem attempts to marry a hip hop lite vocal with the lush strings but it’s mostly the Video Games theme that runs throughout. If you want to level criticism there are plenty of lyrical cliches but there is still a lot to like about this debut.

      There’s nothing particularly original here and you may feel that you are being manipulated by a team of pop experts but if you like well crafted, beautiful sounding pop music with hints of Twin Peaks and retro Americana then ignore the hype and dive in. 7/10 PT



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