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    Joe Lynn Turner performs a brilliant show at Rewind North 2016

    Photograph by Lee Millward

    Former Rainbow lead singer Joe Lynn Turner is one of the most incredible classic rock musicians of all time. Having performed with Deep Purple, Richie Blackmore and Rainbow, he delighted audiences at Rewind North 2016. With songs including ‘I surrender’, ‘Since you’ve been gone’ and ‘Smoke on the water’, Joe Lynn Turner gave an outstanding performance that had the crowd cheering for more. Following his impressive set, Sarah caught up with Joe to talk classic rock and following your dreams…


    How does it feel to know that ‘I surrender’, ‘Since you’ve been gone’ and ‘Smoke on the water’ are still immensley popular with generations of music lovers?

    It’s so humbling. As I go on, there seems to be a revival of this kind of music and I couldn’t be happier. It’s very good music. I’m all about the positivity - Rewind Festival is extremely positive; positive in its vibe, the people…everything is positive. I love Rewind.


    Your set definitely brimmed with positive energy. It touched me on an emotional level, as these are songs I grew up listening to…

    Thank you, wow! That’s great. To know that that’s happening year after year after year, after all this time, I’ll tell you, it’s astounding.


    Can you remember the first time a rock song inspired you in the same way?

    Yeah, it was actually Deep Purple’s music. I’d sit in my room and practice all the leads, really work at it y’know. I knew it was something I wanted to do one day. I went to University and got an English Literature degree, but I always had a guitar, so when the opportunity came along there I was! Who did I end up playing with? Richie Blackmore, Rainbow and Deep Purple! Dreams come true and I try to inspire the young ones about all this. You’ve just got to stay disciplined and keep dreaming.


    Is there any way to sum up your set today in three words?

    Serious Classic Rock.


    By Sarah O' Hara




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