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    Beatles Let it Be Cast

    'Let it Be' is the hit West End show that takes you on a journey through the music of The Beatles. From The Cavern Club to Beatlemania and beyond, I had the fabulous task of interviewing three of the cast members about the music, the Beatles enduring popularity and meeting Stella McCartney...


    Taking it in turns, how did you each become involved with Let it be?

    J: I got a call from one of the producers about the show and do you want to audition for it? I did and got the gig!

    E: I found the show through a website, got an e-mail, auditioned and then got the part.

    L: A friend of mine was working in the show and it was just at that point that they said they needed to audition some Ringos. He put my name in the hat and went through a number of auditions – now I’m here and I’m at the Cavern!


    The story follows the Beatles’ rise to fame – how has this been tackled to make it refreshing for audiences?

    L: It’d be wrong to sell this as ‘This is the story’ because it’s the music that tells the story. I think when the show was first created it was like ‘How can we tell the story of the Beatles?’ Well the story tells itself; people know the story and it’s the music of the Beatles that is the biggest thing so that’s the main element of the show. The Beatles are so varied in their progression from when they started here [The Cavern Club] right to the end of their career – it’s amazing how versatile they were and also socially how different it was. The show is very good at, in slight segment form, taking you on this entire journey of the Beatles. In two hours what happens is amazing really.

    E: I think the people want to hear the music - we run through all the periods like Sgt Pepper.

    J: There’s video too – it sort of tells a bit of a story about the decade really. How it changed, how they changed and how the decade changed them.


    So there are all those social and cultural things going on in addition to the Beatles’ story…

    J: There’s a little. So there’s a segment showing the riots in ’68 and then they wrote ‘Revolution’, so you get a background of what was going on at the time. I know when the Beatles brought out their Anthology series and they were interviewing them all, they’d ask Paul something and he’d say ‘I don’t remember it like that’. Then they’d go to George and he’d say ‘Well I don’t remember it like that’, so even they can’t decide on the history.  


    The Liverpool Empire Theatre was one of the places the Beatles performed on their 1963 tour – How’s it going to feel playing on the same stage?

    E: It’s going to be great!

    J: It’s a bit of a double edged sword, playing in Liverpool AND playing on the same stage.

    Beatles Let it Be Cast

    From left to right: John (Michael Gagliano), Paul (Emanuele Angeletti), George (John Brosnan) and Ringo (Luke Roberts)


    How did you get into the roles? Your accents are absolutely spectacular…

    E: We had some teaching…we did quite a lot.

    J: Yeah we had a little bit of voice help, plus watching their videos and films

    L: A lot of homework actually and not just for accents. For me specifically like the Ringo role, he’s very active when he drums. Certainly as far as movement was concerned it was a lot of homework – it was literally like learning how to play in a different way. Again Manny [Emanuele] can beat me with that because of the left-handed Bass thing. Originally Manny you’re a right handed bass player…        

    E: Right-handed yeah

    L: But you’ve learnt to now play left and you would never know


    Why do you think the Beatles are still so popular around the world?

    J: I think one their music is just so fun. There’s something about the Beatles that just grabbed people whether it be musically, their image, their humour or something.

    L: I think they were the first to do everything and they really did do everything. That’s why they’re recognised for it. When you see the show and you see little segments, you think wow these guys totally changed the world because of it.

    E: It’s like three different bands

    J: Totally.

    E: Three, maybe four!

    J: Yeah I mean how you can go from ‘Love me do’ to ‘A day in the life’ in three or four years? It’s just unbelievable.


    Do you think perhaps that links to the social and political context of the decade that you mentioned before?

    J: Maybe yeah, it was a pretty crazy decade…possibly because of the Beatles!

    L: It’s like the chicken or the egg

    J: Yeah maybe you can’t separate the two.

    E: It’s still the most famous music

    J: Well Paul [McCartney] was saying that he listened to avant-garde stuff and used to go to art galleries. I think things like that affected all of them as much as the times did.


    If you could have met any Beatle, who would it be and why?

    E: Paul for me, that’s the one – he’s a hero to me. I just met his daughter Stella in London…

    L: Didn’t she get you to do an impression?

    E: Yeah she did and she was very lovely. I even sang the “Ooos” (Laughs). It was good!


    Can you sum up ‘Let it be’ in three words? Just not let it be…

    (All laugh)

    J: You thought about that one didn’t you!

    E: Music, music, music – that’s ‘Let it be’


    Photographs (C) Jen Melia

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