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    In Harmony: Russell Watson and Aled Jones talk new album and upcoming tour


    Photographs used with permission by Outside Organisation


    Ahead of their UK Tour later this year, Sarah spoke to Aled Jones and Russell Watson about their new album In Harmony, performing at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and how a quick text message made the album a reality…


    Released in 2018, In Harmony is the first duet album by Aled Jones and Russell Watson. Featuring well-loved hymns and popular songs with new arrangements by Ian Tilley, Aled explains how a poll by the station Classic FM began a chain of events that led to their new album:


    “It’s the first duets record that I’ve ever done with anyone but myself! (Laughs) I work for Classic FM on a Sunday morning from 7-10am. Last year they were celebrating their 25th birthday and they did a countdown of the best selling artists and records of the past twenty-five years. Russell [Watson] was up there at number one as the best selling male artist, so I sent him a text saying ‘Well done’.


    Russell adds that both he and Aled had a similar idea about working on an album together and after a quick text message exchange, the idea for In Harmony became a reality:


    “I said cheers pal and then I said it’d be fun if we did something together. Then Aled said, ‘your ears must be burning because I was talking to someone about that the other day!’ Literally after a five minute conversation via text, we thought right - let’s do it!”


    Featuring songs such as 'Ave Maria', 'Cinema Paradiso' and 'You raise me up', Aled explains that:


    “The process of choosing the songs was actually quite easy! Russell wrote a list and I wrote a list - there were songs on both of our lists that we’d performed seperately before and wanted to record together, such as ‘You raise me up’ and ‘How great thou art’. Then there were songs that we had never recorded before that we wanted to. The whole process has been from us.


    The album is very cleverly put together and there’s a lot of heart and soul in it”.


    Photograph used with permission by Outside Organisation


    Russell adds however that choosing the album’s name wasn’t as easy as choosing the songs to record!


    “Choosing the name of the album took forever. It was going to be one thing or another, then we got to the word Harmony, then ‘In Perfect Harmony’ and then ‘In Harmony’ - then it was just ‘Harmony’. There was this whole discussion about whether it should be ‘In Perfect Harmony’, ‘In Harmony’ or just ‘Harmony’! (Laughs)”


    Russell and Aled will bring the album to audiences across the UK in 2019, with Russell adding that he cannot wait to hear the audience’s reaction to the songs onstage:


    “The performances on a record compared to on a tour are completely different. On tour you’ve got an audience in front of you and it’s a completely different dynamic - but that’s what makes it so exciting. I can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction”.


    Their UK tour visits Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on 12th October 2019. Aled recalls how some of his earliest memories were of Liverpool and how it is a place he loves to perform:


    “My earliest memories are of visiting my aunty in Liverpool and my mum completed her Teacher Training in Liverpool. I even recorded an album with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. I love Liverpool”


    Having performed in Liverpool during 2018 on his solo tour, Russell adds that he cannot wait to get back to the city and perform onstage again at the Philharmonic Hall:


    “The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall…I performed a solo concert there and I said it there and I’ll say it again, it is one of my favourite venues in he world. I love the history behind it; you know the artists who have performed on that stage before you. The acoustics in there are absolutely fantastic and the audience reactions in Liverpool are always unbelievable. I absolutely love playing in Liverpool”.



    Russell Watson and Aled Jones' album In Harmony is available now.


    Their UK tour visits the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on 12th October 2019. Tickets are available now.



    By Sarah O' Hara 



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