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    Rewind North, Orchestrated and Classic Cars: An Interview with Midge Ure


    Above: Midge Ure at Rewind North 2018

    Photograph (C) Joshua Atkins


    Ahead of his set at Rewind North 2018, we caught up with Midge Ure to talk Orchestrated, Rewind Festival and classic cars.


    From the sensational synths of ‘Hymn’ to the audience singing ‘Fade to Grey’ and the iconic ‘Vienna’, Midge Ure’s performance at Rewind North was 30 minutes of non-stop timeless music. I loved it.


    Songs including ‘Hymn’ and ‘Vienna’ were reinterpreted by Midge earlier in the year for the album Orchestrated, which has been met with love and acclaim by fans across the world:


    “It’s been phenomenal. My biggest fear with Orchestrated was ruining the songs for people who had loved these songs all their lives. I’d hate it if someone came along after forty years and changed something that I’d loved - all the sounds, all the emotions. I was really weary of ruining it for people, so to get the response that I’ve had is wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for anything better”.



    Speaking to Midge Ure again is a pleasure and I couldn't wait to see his performance at Rewind North 2018. Following Rewind Festival, Midge adds that he will be on the road again with Paul Young in America and with The Human League in a UK Tour in the Autumn:


    “I’ve been doing a lot of live work. After this I have festivals coming up, live shows in Belgium and Germany, then the remainder of a tour in America with Paul Young. Then I’m doing a tour with The Human League in the UK, which will be fantastic!”.


    As we talk in the summer evening at Rewind, I tell Midge that I recently re-read his autobiography If I was. Classic cars being a passion of mine, I couldn’t help but ask about the fleet of Classic Cars he mentioned in the book and whether he drove to the festival in such a vehicle today:


    “I have not sadly (Laughs) I used to have a fleet of Classic Cars; I had an old Porsche 356, an Aston Martin DB6 and a Jaguar XK120 Sports Car, but none of them would start on a day like this! (Laughs)”.



    By Sarah O' Hara



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