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    Interview: Jay Ashton

    With thirty four years of fun, music and memorable tunes under their belts, Formely of Bucks Fizz are currently entertaining crowds across the world on their Paradise Regained Tour. We caught up with Jay Ashton to find out more...


    Your 70 date World Tour has just begun - what can audiences expect from the show?

    Well all of our hit songs and some of our favourite album tracks, and I guess thirty-four years of experience. A production really; great lighting, great costume changes and a lot of fun. 

    It’s called the Paradise Regained Tour - is there a story behind the name?

    It was a promoter who decided to put the tour on and he came up with the name. I think it was because he felt…because we’d been through a few hiccups along the way, and I guess in a way it’s kind of a come back. In a way its paradise regained. It’s three of the original members and a new fourth member.

    Bobby McVay is joining you on the tour; that must be so exciting!

    It’s really good. I went back in 2009 and we’ve always been a two boy, two girl group. It just works in terms of the vocals and the routines, so it allows us to do the show kind of how it used to be. Perhaps even better because we’ve been doing it for a while now. 

    You mentioned you’d be performing a lot of the hit songs on the tour. I believe you have a new album of studio releases in the pipeline?

    We released an album about three years ago now, which was reworked old songs and about half a dozen new ones. We’ll be doing the same sort of thing. Next year it looks like we’re going to be touring again and hopefully the whole album will be finished by then. There’ll be a single release between now and then.

    Thirty-four years on, from The Eurovision Song Contest to your current tour, did you ever expect the success that the group would have?

    No, I think we were very lucky. There were a lot of things that just went right and a lot of the time in show business, things don’t quite happen. For us we were lucky. It started with ‘Making your mind up’ and then we had lots of hits off the back of it. That’s the thing; making the transition from being a one hit wonder to actually an act. It was all really down to the songs and the whole two boy, two girl thing worked on a lot of different levels. 

    It’s all still working today; you have a lot of great shows coming up for example in Runcorn on Wednesday 17th June and of course festivals such as Lets Rock Leeds. How amazing is it to be performing in all of these different locations across the world thirty-four years on?

    It’s fantastic and we never really anticipated the success we’ve had. We’ve all done individual projects, but there’s still nothing quite like the buzz of doing the old routines and all the festivals to over twenty-thousand people. When we do the skirt rip, we get kind of the biggest cheer of the night! (Laughs) It’s brilliant and very flattering. It’s fun and everybody gets in the spirit, dressing up and reminiscing. It’s nostalgia and everyone has a really good time. 

    Can you sum up the Paradise Regained Tour in three words?

    Vocals, visuals, fun

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