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    Interview: Colin Blunstone

    Music legends The Zombies are on the road with a new album and a UK tour, including a date at the Arts Club in Liverpool. We spoke to founder member Colin Blunstone to find out more…


    The Zombies have announced a full UK tour, including a date at the Arts Club in Liverpool on 10th December – what can audiences expect?

    We’ll be featuring songs from the new album, Still got that hunger, but we’ve always liked to remind people of our past, so we’ll play some Zombie hits. We’ll also play two or three of my hits and a couple of Argent hits, which is the band that Rod Argent went on to form when he left The Zombies. It’s quite a delicate thing to do to get the mix right. There will be plenty of new material, but we won’t forget our past. We will be playing the hits as well.


    You mentioned your new album, Still got that hunger, which is out on 9th October. It features songs like ‘Moving on’ and ‘Chasing the Past’, but how did the album first come about?

    Going right back to the beginning, Rod and I got back together again in 1999 to originally play six concerts, but we enjoyed it so much that we just kept going. Since then we’ve discovered that there is a huge interest in The Zombies, which is wonderful and it’s been a real thrill. We didn’t know that there was so much interest on a worldwide basis. We are a band that travels around the world all the time – we’ve just come back from the far east and later this month we’re going over to America. Before we come to Liverpool, we would have just toured through Europe as well. We discovered that there was this huge interest in The Zombies, so more and more we started putting Zombie tunes into the act, until it got to the point four or five years ago where we thought – “Let’s call ourselves The Zombies”. We talked it through with the other original members and they thought it was a great idea, so we do feature a lot of Zombie music when we play. Since 1999 we have recorded about four or five new albums as well. We’ll play a lot of classic Zombie music, but also some fresh, new songs as well.


    The Zombies have recently performed at South by Southwest and Glastonbury Festivals. Do you find that you are reaching a broader range of music fans? Is there a mix of original fans and young people who have just discovered your music?

    Absolutely; we have a very mixed audience age wise, from fifteen to maybe sixty or seventy. The band appeals to a wide section of ages, from the people who have followed us right from the beginning – our first album was released in ’64 - to people who are still at school. One of the reasons is that the last album that the original line-up recorded, Odyssey and Oracle, has just recently been named as one of the top 500 albums of all time by Rolling Stone [Magazine]. It was just one of the top 100 albums of all time. That’s quite something to say really. When you think that there are thousands of albums released every week, I think it’s brought a new appreciation of that album - and The Zombies early work – to a whole new generation of music lovers. We also got the MOJO ‘Classic album’ award about three years ago, which is a highly prized award and we were thrilled to get that as well. There’s been quite a lot of recognition for the original line-up and the work that we recorded in the sixties.


    The artwork for your new album was designed by Terry Quirk, who created the artwork for Odyssey and Oracle. What was it like working with him again?

    It was really interesting; Terry went to the same school as me so I’ve known him for many, many years. He’s a wonderful artist and a lovely bloke. It’s really great to work with him and I think he’s come up with another classic album again. The artwork for Odyssey and Oracle in its own way is renowned and iconic. Terry is a wonderful artist and I love what he’s come up with.


    Can you sum up your new album in three words?

    Fresh, exciting, accomplished


    The Zombies’ new album Still got that hunger is out on 9th October 2015, followed by a concert at the Arts Club, Liverpool on 10th December 2015.

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