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    Inglorious release new album 'Ride to Nowhere'


    Photograph by Paul Harries



    Ahead of the release of their new album, Sarah caught up with Inglorious singer Nathan James to talk Ride to Nowhere, their upcoming UK tour and vinyl records…


    Released on Friday 25th January 2019, Ride to Nowhere is the third album from Inglorius. With the addition of new guitarist Drew Lowe, the band went back into the studio and spent most of 2018 recording:


    “We like to sit in a room, look at each other and write together, rather than send ideas to each other over email. We sat in my old house and we sat in the studio, looked at each other, had our acoustic guitars and began writing the album”.


    Describing ‘Glory Days’ as one of his favourite songs, Nathan explains how the album’s rollercoaster artwork reflects the themes explored on Ride to Nowhere:


    “The album cover does describe the album pretty well. There’s some songs that are up and then there’s some songs that are down. There’s songs that deal with mortality, loss and relationships within our lives. I talk about people that I love like my mum, my Grandfather and the only way I know how to honour them in some way is through songs and through singing”.


    Released on CD and via streaming/download services, Nathan is excited particularly for the Ride to Nowhere gatefold vinyl:


    “We’ve done it on every album. They are the things that people collect and keep forever. I also love the quality of vinyl; it sounds really amazing. It’s an experience; you go into your collection, search for the one you want, place it on the record player and enjoy”.


    2018 was a busy year for Nathan. Not only recording Ride to Nowhere, he also portrayed the role of The Voice of Humanity in Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of the Worlds, which celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with a tour last year:


    “It was amazing and so humbling. It was a thrill to do it and work with so many incredible singers. There’s so many amazing people who have performed ‘Thunderchild’ before and you want to make sure you perform to the best of your ability every single night”.


    Following the release of their third album, Inglorious will be back on the road with a headline tour. Beginning in Southampton on Monday 28th January 2019, Nathan promises that the shows will be a mixture of all their albums to date.


    That’s not all, as Inglorious will also perform as part of the Frontiers Rock UK Festival at The o2 Institute, Birmingham on Saturday 2nd February, alongside bands including Wayward Sons, Vega and Bigfoot:


    “Wayward Sons have supported us on a tour before and I absolutely love them. They’re amazing. They’re incredible musicians and Toby is a wonderful songwriter and singer. Bigfoot are on the billing too and we just can’t wait”.


    Ride to Nowhere is released on Friday 25th January 2019.


    Inglorious’ UK Tour begins on Monday 28th January 2019 at the Engine Rooms, Southampton.



    By Sarah O'Hara 



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