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    In Conversation: Freddie and Justin of The Vaccines



    Since the release of their debut album, What did you expect from the Vaccines, this critically acclaimed group have become one of the must see bands of the decade. No stranger to festival appearances, members Justin Young and Freddie Cowan gave us an insight into their world. What did we expect from The Vaccines? We didn’t know – but it was worth the wait.


    Grateful for the opportunities they had been given, Freddie and Justin were engaging and honest about an industry where many want to succeed. Straight talking, witty and extremely friendly, there was no doubting why the room was bustling with people ready to hear their tales and advice.


    Describing themselves as “lost souls” at the band’s beginning, the duo had known each other long before The Vaccines existed. It was Justin’s determination to ‘make it big’ in London however that led to an interesting point – When he tried and tried, he didn’t make it big. When he stopped, that was when it all fell into place. This leads us to wonder - Is being in the right place in the right time the key to success? Perhaps, but it seems that a great musical team is just as important. Justin and Freddie are part of such a team.


    It was incredible to hear about the bands that were all gigging at the same time as The Vaccines in Camden. Florence and the Machine, Jamie T and Adele amongst them, The Vaccines were in great company in Camden’s flourishing music scene. It hits home how much talent is abundant in towns across the country. You could be the next critically acclaimed singer, playing alongside the band that is next to headline festivals around the world. There are so many creative people waiting for their big break – and it is places like Liverpool Sound City where they can bring their music to the masses.


    But what of The Vaccines after the release of their debut album? Listening to them speak, it seems that they still cannot believe the success and fame they have achieved in the last three years. They described their amazement at 20,000 people chanting “The Vaccines” at festivals and touring with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Humble and thankful to their fans across the world, Freddie and Justin are musicians to be admired. They are proof that using your musical inspirations, working through the good times and the bad and having a sonic agenda (particularly when it comes to reverb!), can lead to amazing and achievable experiences.


    The Vaccines are a band who has a vision of where they want to take their sound. Wherever that vision might be heading, the release of their newest album English Graffiti has us all excited for what the future will bring. After a crowd-pulling headline slot at Liverpool Sound City 2015, it seems that their career is moving onwards and upwards. Only time will tell what bands they will have inspired during their talk. All we know is that it was incredible.

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