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    Music, songwriting and the piano: Howard Jones


    Photograph used with permission by MP Promotions


    Since his incredible debut album Humans Lib, Howard Jones has delighted audiences with iconic hits.


    One such hit, ‘New Song’ recently featured in television series Breaking Bad, as Howard explains:


    Breaking Bad is one of my favourite tv shows and I was over the moon that my music was used in it. The music supervisor [of Breaking Bad] chose ‘New Song’, as he felt the lyrics related to Jesse Pink’s crossroads in his life at that time during the show. I was so happy about it”


    From ‘What is love?’ to ‘Look Mama’ and ‘Things can only get better’, Howard Jones’ musical genius is admired by fans across the world. Now he’s back on the road, bringing the stories of songs classic and new to audiences across the country.



    Speaking ahead of his upcoming tour, Howard reflects on where his relationship with music began:


    “I was seven. I remember having this very eccentric piano teacher and I used to go home during my lunch hour for a lesson. Eventually I went to music college, but I’ve always had this incredible relationship with the piano. It feels so natural”


    The piano is at the centre of the tour, An Evening with Howard Jones: The Songs, the Piano and the Stories, which visits The Atkinson Theatre in Southport on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.


    He adds that the tour will be “a very intimate affair. It’s like getting to know me; you’ll know me better than when you went into the concert. I’m going to play some new songs too and some songs you don’t usually hear - it’s a complete picture of me as an artist”


    Howard will be supported by Rachel Sage throughout the tour.



    An Evening with Howard Jones is at The Atkinson Theatre, Southport on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.


    To find out more and to book tickets, please call the Box Office: 01704 533333

    By Sarah O' Hara



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