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    Feature: Top City Sun Traps - The Yacht Club

    Based in Liverpool Marina, The Yacht Club offers a relaxing atmosphere and freshly cooked, homemade food to suit all tastes. Open 7 days a week, you can choose from battered cod to burgers, pates, soups and more at this chic restaurant and bar.


    Every day their food is prepared fresh by a team of professional chefs whose main priorities are to provide excellent cuisine and high customer service. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner that takes your fancy; all ingredients are sourced from the best farms to give you that succulent and mouth-watering taste.


    Eat your meals at the restaurant or take in the Marina view at the Yacht Club’s outside patio. With easy access to transport and major hotels across the city, why not take some time to enjoy this stunning venue with family and friends.


    If that wasn’t enough, the Yacht Club is also open for private functions and occasions that are tailored to suit your needs. With the help of your very own event manager, you can create that perfect Wedding, Civil Ceremony, Birthday and so much more. Plus if you are a business owner, there’s even a 1st floor conference room to hold private meetings and training sessions.

    With so much on offer, we caught up with Adam Franklin to discuss the Yacht Club and tempting Sunday lunches...


    What was the initial idea behind the Yacht Club?

    We took over it as an established business initially but the Yacht Club has actually been there [The Marina] for twenty years. What we are trying to do is make it the most egalitarian venue in Liverpool, as you’ve got Barristers with half-million pound yachts next to the guys who are going out fishing every day, which is represented in the restaurant and bar as well. The food is very egalitarian so you have burgers, fish and chips but everything is home made. There’s a real sort of comfort food feeling to it and there’s something for everybody. We took over as establishers and that is what we’ve changed to over the past couple of years.


    I believe you let the fishermen who have been out on the boats bring their own fish into the Yacht Club, and then you’ll cook the fish for them…

    Well there are eight boats that go out each day on fishing charters. A lot of people take the fish home, but there are a lot of people who come back and eat the catch. All of our chefs are classically trained and it’s great for us because one day you might get a sea bass, or another day you might get flat fish, and then we just ask them how they like it cooked. Skin it, fillet it, cook it and serve it with a couple of side orders…that’s what it’s really about. We’re certainly the only place in Liverpool that does that, and from that we’re serving the freshest fish in Liverpool.


    That must be really unique for many people who visit the Yacht Club!

    Absolutely, but it’s not just stuff that you’ve caught. We get people who live in apartments locally and they want to try a fish that they buy, so they just bring it to us and we do exactly the same for them.


    Aside from being a restaurant and bar, you also have event managers who can organise functions at the Yacht Club. What process does this involve?

    You can come in for your first meeting, and from then on you will have a dedicated manager who looks after your booking from start to finish. You don’t phone up and speak to somebody different every time; it’s either myself, Helen or Emma. Once we have allocated it to one of us, we will have all of the meetings with you and we’ll be there on the day. It is a start to finish process that we do.


    The whole club sounds absolutely brilliant and a rather tempting visit…

    Well I think we’re most famous for our Sunday lunch. That just gets so busy and it’s very traditional. The customers want pates and prawn cocktails for starters, Sunday roasts and of course deserts like sticky toffee pudding. We always have a big fruit crumble on every Sunday with homemade custard, so it’s a very traditional Sunday lunch.


    Can you sum up the Yacht Club in three words?

    St.Tropez in Liverpool.







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