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    A Clockwork Orange at the Everyman Theatre Liverpool


    We spoke to George Caple and Liam Tobin about Anthony Burgess’ stage version of A Clockwork Orange and being part of the Everyman Company.


    At the Everyman Theatre from 14th April - 12th July 2018, George explains that in A Clockwork Orange:


    “The overall story is about choice. It’s about human free will and the choice between good and evil, right and wrong”


    Directed by Nick Bagnall and based on Burgess’ stage play of the story, Liam adds that:



    “This is Burgess’ play, which is different from the film in many ways. It’s got music in it, with lyrics set to Beethoven’s music. There’s also a flavour of Cabaret at some points. It heightens everything and takes it to a sort of surreal place”.


    For the production, the Everyman theatre stage has been adapted to incorporate ladders and levels that the cast utilise throughout the performance to create the world within the story:


    “There’s a white grid and ladders we can climb up, so the world is even more contained, but the play asks for it. Anything that you do at the Everyman, the audience is there with you. With this piece, they [the audience] are very much a part of everything that is happening on stage”.


    Prior to the opening night of Clockwork, audiences were invited to watch rehearsals at the Burgess foundation:


    “It was a great. There was a mix of older and younger generations, students, people who knew Burgess’ work very well. They were quite surprised when we all broke into song; I think some people weren’t aware that there were songs in the play, but they loved it”.


    “We did quite a good cross section of a few different scenes, as Nick [Bagnall] wanted to give them a flavour of the show. It was great for us too as we got to look at the library there and look through the original manuscripts”.


    A Clockwork Orange is part of the Everyman Company’s 2018 season, which launched with Paint your Wagon earlier in the year. Both George and Liam were part of the Everyman Company during 2017 and are delighted to be back. George explains that:


    “I think for me, being a local lad, when I graduated from Drama School this was one of the places on my bucket list that I wanted to work. This is such a great building to work in; the people are so lovely and the people that we work with. It’s amazing. I loved everyone last year. They’re like family now. Then to get some new faces this year, it’s like the family is getting bigger”



    Liam adds:


    “There’s people we really miss who we worked with last year, but it’s great to have new people join us and as George said, the family is getting bigger. I’ve lived in Liverpool for years and to get the chance to work in this style, rehearsing one show in the day and performing another in the evening, it’s great”.


    A Clockwork Orange is at the Everyman Theatre Liverpool from 14th April - 12th July 2018.


    By Sarah O'Hara



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