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Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP2

Eminem -  Marshall Mathers LP2

I’ve not been near a Slim Shady release since the steady decline post The Eminem Show, but with the title suggesting a sequel to his millennium masterpiece I figured it was worth a shot. With cripplingly low expectations opener ‘Bad Guy’ was a slow starter but sounded good production wise, but then five minutes in it exploded into a flashback of vintage Shady, full of breakneck aggression. Once the dust settles, the next eight tracks offer a nostalgic trip down early 2000’s Hip-Hop memory lane, the highlight of which being the hugely sincere ‘Legacy’ and the climax coming with ‘Rap God’ which sees Slim silence the critics with ridiculously impressive breath control.

The subject matter, rhyming style and production are all vintage Marshal, which left me wondering why(aside from the obvious perks) absolute drivel has been pouring from Aftermath for several years if Eminem is still more than capable of creating Hip-Hop of such high quality whilst remaining commercially viable. The rest of the album is absolutely terrible, no doubt about it, but I’d like to stay focused on the golden first half of this unexpected and hugely enjoyable record that is worthy of the Marshall Mathers LP mantle.

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